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Welcome to Boboland!

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This page is dedicated to and named for my cat, Bobo. However, I created it for you, the cat lover. You may have cats or you may not, but what has brought you here is your fascination with these creatures. You may be searching for information about them or pictures of them, and, yes, you will find both of these here. There are pictures of two of my cats, Bobo and Muffin. There is also information ranging from general information to cat breeds to cat shows. Enjoy!

Before You Get a Cat

Pictures of Bobo(updated 12/28/00)

Pictures of Baby (updated 12/30/00)

Pictures of Muffin

Common Cat Breeds

About Cat Shows

New Pics (updated 4/23/00)

Here's an online goldfish for you and your cat to play with.

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