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Standing in the outskirts of the Thieves' Quarter of Tharbad, you see a disreputable, crumbling old building with a faded sign creaking in the wind:

You walk inside, to find the common room empty, even the most enthusiastic of the Inn's patrons gone for the night. Tables and chairs are scattered across the room, in evidence of the continuous bar fights which plague the Inn. In one small corner of the common room, on a small wooden stage, sits the only soul to be found at this time: a tall, yellow-haired bard, strumming randomly on a large harp. He looks up, seeing you.
"Welcome to the Broken Oar. I am Baalek Songheart, Bard of the Harp, at your service. I am the Inn's resident musician, as well as one of the co-owners."
Baalek stands up, laying his harp on the stage and striding over to you.
"I'd offer you a drink, but the bartender has long since gone home. This Inn's famous, you know... a lot of brave adventurers have been in this place, including myself. We are the home to the Heroes of the Broken Oar, a hardy group of adventurers who meet here to find the sources of their latest quest. Perhaps I could interest you in a tale of these heroes...?"
Baalek looks at you expectantly.
"Well, feel free to look around if you like; there's plenty of interesting things to see in this place. Lots to see, lots to do. But perhaps, you would like to hear at least one song?"


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