You step through a doorway to find yourself in the Star Wars galaxy. You are in the cockpit of the light freighter Starflame, a small SR-1100 Evader model, and are face to face with the ship's pilot, a dark-haired man who stares at you from the pilot's chair, where he has been meditating. "Hello," he says quietly. "My name is Bail Kane. I have been waiting for your arrival."
"I am the pilot of this ship, the Starflame, and I am a student of the Force. And you... are a visitor who wants to know what this is all about." He gestures around him. "This ship is the home of Special Ops Team 1, one of the Rebellion's best forces of blaster-slinging, wise-cracking operatives in the galaxy. We've been around a long time -- in fact, you might have even heard of us." He laughs. "Then again, maybe not. But the ship's computer has our profiles on file, and it also contains our history... if you're interested. For myself, I have some meditation to do." Kane resumes meditating, leaving you free to wander throughout the Starflame.

Shuttle to the

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