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It was just a couple of days before Halloween and the Pumpkin Patch was abuzz. Leaves were being cleaned, tendrils curled, all the pumpkins wanted to look their best .....for the Great Pumpkin was coming.

Every year this pilgrimage was made to the pumpkin patch to select the very best of the crop to become jack-o-lanterns. Not everyone would be chosen. Only the very best would become jack-o-lanterns.

So it was that the pumpkins were getting ready for this great event.

Harold and Burnham were polishing their pumpkin shells, making sure there were no cracks in their stems, for they knew the Great Pumpkin was very discerning. "Do you think the Great Pumpkin will choose us?" asked Burnham. "I don't know", replied Harold, "everyone says only the most perfect pumpkins are chosen and, well, Burnham, we know we're not perfect".

"OK, I know I have a flat spot on one side, but it's sorta low and maybe he won't notice. Now, you might have a problem because you're so short and squatty, Harold" retorted Burnham.

While this friendly squabbling was happening it seemed that the entire pumpkin patch began to get quieter…

....and quieter..

and quieter.

Suddenly there was no sound at all...

........the Great Pumpkin had arrived

...and the story continues