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"O-h-h-h-h", breathed all the pumpkins collectively as they gazed upon the Great Pumpkin. There in all his majesty was the Great Pumpkin. The color was exactly the same as the orange in a box of crayons, the size was bigger than the bushel basket in the farmer's barn, emerald green leaves marched from the stem down the side to swirl around the bottom of his shell and tiny leaf green tendrils gently floated about the top.

The pumpkins all jostled one another to get a better view and then they saw the face...the jack-o-lantern face of the Great Pumpkin. The eyes glowed butter yellow with little crinkles at the side, the noble triangular nose a pale yellow, and the mouth was turned up in a wonderful golden yellow grin.

"Good evening pumpkins," he said.

In awe, the pumpkins replied, "Good evening Great Pumpkin".

"Are you ready for your assignments?" he queried?

"Oh yes, Great Pumpkin, we all want to be jack-o-lanterns just like you", they said with one voice.

"Then you must each pass a test to see if you will become a jack-o-lantern. Don't worry, everyone's test will be different because each of you are different. The important thing to remember is to just do your best."

With that he began to tell each one of their assignment.

It was an exciting time in the pumpkin patch and all the pumpkins hurried off to complete their test....

until only Burnham and Harold were left.........

...and the story continues