The Will To Win
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The Will To Win
(Author: Lynda Stowe)

In the World of Competition
The Road is long and grim;
There is no use starting up it,
"Without the Will to Win."

Some can get beat and bear it,
Tell about it with a grin;
But they will never be front runners,
"Without the Will to Win."

Some quite never get there,
They sit and wonder why;
They seem to lack the essential,
Little thing called "Try."

The difference in winners and losers,
in the arena or the Gym;
Is that some possess the little Extra,
"That is called the Will to Win."

Some gals get good horses,
Their folks enter them and grin;
But their little Darling will get beat,
"Without the Will to Win."

If you bounce back after losing,
And produce that will to win;
You know you have that little extra,
That is awfully hard to beat.

So if the road is rough and rocky,
And the future looks awfully dim,
Just set your sights and hustle,
And produce that "Will to Win."

This poem was written by Angelica's mom, when she was just a teen. It appeared in Horse Illustrated during that time and has a copyright of 1977 to present.

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