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Surphin Boy - A Champion in the Making

For the first time in my life
I believe in love at first sight.
I see the creature of my dreams
And I understand just what love means.
His elegant head lifted high in the air
The arch in his neck shows courage and dare.
His tail carried high to please the crowd
A wonderful champion that makes me proud.
The crowd goes wild when they hear his name
Everyone knows he's my ticket to fame.
I'm ready to trot into the arena, my head lifted proud
The clip - clop of his hooves as he sets them on the ground.
We trot into the arena, us as a pair
His light gray coat and my skin, so fair.
We leave the arena; there's a smile on my face
A large red ribbon which means first place.
My beautiful mount has once again proven his grace
With a glint in his eyes and his beautiful dish face.
He rises to any challenge and never fails to show
What love can do in any shape or form.

By: - Lorraine Prowse

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