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I Smile

I smile.
A slight grin crawls across my face,
And a glimmer shines within my eye.
As I look at him, I smile.
Munching, munching. happy and content..
Perfectly consistent with every chew.
I wonder..
What makes him so special?
What about him makes me so happy?

A ray of sun dances across his dusty coat,
Two stepping on the chilly breeze,
Waltzing with the strand of hay entwined in his ebony mane.
Tasseled are his ears, and long whiskers,
But ever so much longer are his gentle inquisitive gazes.
The gazes that see right through you and back.
Way past your soul and straight to the core of your heart.

His sudden pause terminates my dreaming,
But now it's just a momentary halt of chewing,
Couples with a wistful glance to the field.
Wrangle ambling, he continues to graze.
I breath in his soft sent and find myself happy,
Much happier than before I knew those hairy ears and adoring gazes.
I know not why, but still..
I smile.

Submitted by:Tess

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