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My First Show

(Submitted by: Pony)

My first horse show is finally here,
the day has dawned so crystal clear.

Getting up early, all ready to go
horse and gear are on, with float in tow.

Towing the float for miles on end,
to be there before the show began.

Entering the ring I was trembling with fear,
"No place for beginners" the man said "just professionals here"

We did a good workout, beautiful, smooth and free,
keeping your cool, I thinks that's the key.

I was placed up there with the top riders of the day
it really was worth coming all this way.

I wouldn't mind competing again next week,
I'll grab another program and take a peek.

Towing the float for miles again,
to be at the show to beginning to end.

My mind is focus now, no need to fear,
I'll remember my first show day so crystal clear.

The Horse Lover's Corral