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During the first class meeting and without research, write your definition of civilization. Turn this in before leaving class for 10 points. This will not be evaluated for correctness. It will be returned the next class for comparison. When you turn in your definition of civilization, pick-up the In-Class Handout. Read the section entitled "What is Civilization?" which includes several different definitions of civilization. Then, locate the definition of civilization in the textbook and write it in the space provided before the second class meeting (10 points). After the class discussion about civilization, answer the following questions (10 points):
  1. Having examined the definitions of civilization and participated in the class discussion, what do you think the best definition of civilization is and why?
  2. How do "civilized people" differ from "uncivilized people"? Which of these two groups had the best lifestyles and why?
  3. Is civilization, by definition, a good thing? Explain.

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