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VIDEOs on Sex Trafficking

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"BOUGHT & SOLD" (1997) is an investigative documentary about the international trade in women, and includes new material from GSN's two-year undercover investigation into the traffic in women for prostitution out of Russia, including: *undercover footage of meetings with the Russian mafiya; *interviews with women who were trafficked overseas; *perspectives from experts from around the world about how to address the problem. Contact: Global Survival network, P.O. Box 73214, T Street Station, Washington DC 20009, USA, phone: +1 202.387.0028, fax: +1 202.387.2590,,Website: A & E Investigative Reports- Child Sex Trade: The only video dealing with trafficking in the United States, Narrated by Bill Kurtis. A & E found that over 600,000 children are bought, sold, and enslaved in sex rings in the U.S. and Canada. This investigative report focuses on how these child prostitution networks operate. To order, contact A & E at 800-423-1212. The video id number is: AAE16135 $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Sacrifice - Each year thousands of young girls are recruited from rural Burmese villages to work in the sex industry in neighboring Thailand. Held for years in debt bondage in illegal Thai brothels, they suffer extreme abuse by pimps , clients, and the polics. The trafficking of Burmese girls has soared in recent years as a direct result of political repression in Burma. Sacrifice examines the social, cultural, and economic forces at work in the trafficking of Burmese girls into prostitution in Thailand. It is the story of the devaluation and sale of human beings, and the efforts of teenage girls to survive a personal crisis born of economic and political repression.
To order, contact Film Library, 22-D Hollywood Ave. Ho-Ho-Kus NJ 07423; 800-343-5540; Fax = 201-652-1973; Rental = $45.00 ; Purchase = $195.00; If you are a non-profit - ask for non-profit rates. 60 Minutes segment:

"R & R in Southeast Asia"
(broadcast 10/27/96)
In this short (15’) segment, the interviewer confronts an individual who advertises sex tours to Southeast Asia. 60 Minutes sent a reporter to follow-up on what such tours entail, and includes (non-graphic) footage of meetings with a "tour guide," and a very young prostitute and her pimp. It is a clear indictment of the practice of sex-tourism, and the confrontation with the American organizer is quite good—he comes across as nervous, deceitful, and immoral.
This videocassette can be ordered from 60 Minutes: Call 1-800-739-7979 (24 Hours, 7 days a week); Priced from $19.95 to $29.95, plus shipping and handling.

"Sisters and Daughters Betrayed: The Trafficking of Women and Girls and the Fight to End it" Produced by Chela Blitt, for the Global Fund for Women. This excellent, 30 minute documentary describes many important details about trafficking around the world (Nepal, Philippines, Thailand…) It is an excellent analysis of the problem, it’s effects on individual girls and society, and it is done in a professional and sympathetic manner. There are a lot of valuable names (of organizations) and references mentioned throughout the film, and there is a positive emphasis on the efforts of many organizations to fight trafficking.
This tape can be ordered from: The Global Fund for Women, 425 Sherman Ave. Suite 300, Palo Alto CA 94306, 415-853-8305

"The Selling of Innocents," Produced by Malofilm (Canada); Director: William Cobban
A story of child slavery, this documentary takes viewers into Asia's largest red-light districts -to brothels, prisons and police raids. It infiltrates the world's largest sex-slave operation and gives the closest look ever into the people who are committed to stopping it. The film focuses largely on the Nepal-India pipeline, and shows one scene in which a father actually sells his little girl (for about $20.00) to a trafficking agent.
To order: If you would like to order this cassette please contact Malofilm Distribution in Toronto @ (416) 480-0453 Ext. 55I; Price: $35.99 ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS, 110 Spadina Avenue, Suite 1001, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2K4; tel: (416)504-6662 fax: (416)504-6667 email: >; Distributed by MALOFILM INTERNATIONAL 2221 Yonge Street, Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2B4 tel: (416) 480-0453 fax: (416)480-0501; OR try Or try: Behaviour New Media, 10 Duke, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3C 2L7 , Customer Service : (514) 954-7488

Global Survival Network (GSN) The Global Survival Network completed an eight-month investigation into the trafficking of women for forced labor-- including sweatshop labor, sexual slavery and abusive domestic situations. Part of GSN's investigations took place in Budapest, Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, Germany and Moscow. GSN #1 In the first part of the video, an undercover member of the Global Survival Network asks a prostitute named Melody to come to a Japanese hotel room. Money is exchanged and a Japanese pimp drops Melody off. This is followed by an interview in Spanish with Melody. She describes the conditions under which she must operate. The last part of the video is an interview with a Japanese woman who works for HELP, an NGO helping women to escape and confront abusive situations. RT: 1 hr 55 min. (06/15/1996)

Other Videos Available at

Women's Caucus for Gender Justice #15
Interview with Martha Figuera Part II
A lawyer from a Women's Rights group in Chiapas discusses the abuses faced by indigenous women in the region, including domestic and official sexual violence, absence of medical care (except sterilization and contraceptives), and government resistance to their attempts to organize. She details the horrors of the Acteal massacre in which paramilitaries shot at a crowd, primarily of women and children, who were gathered in the village church, and focuses on how this was an attack directed specifically at women. Later, she describes the aftermath of the massacre and the government's lack of action against the perpetrators, including a notorious incident where a truck carrying some of the killers drove by the funeral procession for those killed. RT: 1hr. (08/2000)

Women's Caucus for Gender Justice #19
San Felipe Interview with Women Regarding Forced Nudity
Description not yet available. Interview conducted in Spanish. There were some technical difficulties with the audio during the recording of this piece. RT: 22min. (08/2000)

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