WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. If you'd like to work toward achieving the goals and objectives referenced on this website, then consider becoming a member of our dynamic organization. We need motivated members to help maintain the momentum of this new progressive organization. Volunteer for a committee. If you'd like to work on one of the following projects, please e-mail us at And remember, things don't just happen all by themselves.

  • POWER DYNAMICS STUDY GROUP (details) - January LAUNCH! * Combination book, film, and discussion group * Designed to reveal to women how much power they truly possess * Gives women an understanding of how power is made manifest in our society * Examines all fascets of power in our society * Satifies the pillars of: unity, continued study, teaching
  • ONE BOOK, ONE SISTERHOOD PROJECT (a href="">Details) * Helps to give women a common frame of reference * Builds commonality into the sisterhood * Inaugural Title for 2003: Woman's Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler * Satisfies three pillars: unity, continued study, empowerment
  • FEMINIST RADIO SHOW on KPFT 90.1FM (Houston-Pacifica) * Show is called THE FIRST SEX (Go Visit) * Use media to inform and connect women * Address issues that seldom receive adequate attention * Focusing on issues from women's perspectives * Feminize radio waves with women's voices * Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge in the women's community * Satisfies - pillars: activism, education, justice, aid to others, empowerment, continued learning

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT NIGHTS * Reaches out to all women who are in need of rejuvination and motivational support * Provides an opportunity for women to embrace a success mentality and rid themselves of crippling guilt and insecurities * Will utilize audio tapes, videos, and ocaisional live motivational speakers * Satisfies two pillars: spirituality and aide to others

  • SPANISH CLASSES * Free beginner level Spanish class * Started May 19th, 1999 at FUU, 7pm * Satisfies two pillars: financial empowerment and continued learning

  • GRANT WRITING PROJECT GROUP (completed) *Learn the basics of grantsmanship *Share Information *Do Research, write, edit, and submit grants *Satisfies two pillars: economic empowerment and continued learning

  • SISTERS IN SOLIDARITY CANDLELIGHT VIGIL (August 26th-to be repeated) * Honors the bond we share as women * Poetry, Performance Art, Songs bringing awareness to women's issues
    like the Taliban, honor killings, sex-trafficking, rape, and domestic violence. * Statements from Project Cuddles and RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan) * Satisfies two pillars: spirituality and continued learning

  • WEEKLY WALKING GROUP (on-hold) * Location: Meets in front of Museum of Natural Science at 8am, Sundays * Walk or jog * Talk as you walk: family affairs, review your week, reflect on practical feminism
    and current events * Bring your children * Have fun! * Satisfies two pillars: fitness and spirituality


    Amazon Project House (rehabbed an old house)
    Conducted a couple of one-on-one basic web design tutorials.
    Featured Group for Women's Resource Directory (WoRDWEB) for September and October 1999
    Co-Sponsor of the Pax Christi Advertising Campaign for Jubilee 2000, August 2000
    Co-Sponsor of the Global March for Women, September 2000
    Co-Sponsor of the Houston Peace and Justice Center's Criminal Justice Citizen's Summit, April 2001
    Co-Sponsor of the Andrea Yates Candlelight Vigil, September 2001

    Grants Given:
    1) one partial tuition for Rice Filmmakers Workshop
    2) housing assistance to South African Amazon
    3) travel assistance to for Amazon to attend Global March Conference
    4) one full scholarship to Power Tools for Non-Profits Conference
    5) small personal loan for very young new mother for a car


  • AMAZON WEBZINE! AMAZON TIMES * The first of its kind: A unique webzine with an Amazon Theme! * Embraces the Amazon Empowerment Philosophy in Modeling Feminism * New Collaborative Project with Themiscyra and The New Amazon Nation * Contributions from Partner Tribes and open submissions from our sisters throughout the entire Amazon Diaspora! * Wide variety of topics (loosely based on radio show) articles and columns * Anticipated January Launch Date with bi-monthly publications and and "Best Of" Annual Journal Printing * Amazon Nation Building at it's Best! * Submissions: The Amazon Times at * Pillars Satisfied: unity, activism, mentoring, aid to others, continued learning and study
  • MONTHLY WOMEN'S HISTORY LECTURES (Jan/Feb Launch Date) * Fill the vacuum in almost every woman's education * Learn your history and learn about yourself * Presentations by Professors and other Learned Historians * Enjoy Women's History Videos * Pillars Satisfied: Continued Learning and Study (Currently seeking educators to volunteer to lead one or more workshops To volunteer, please contact Bernadine at 713-731-0251 or
  • PUBLIC SPEAKING AND DEBATE FOR WOMEN * Express yourself clearly and concisely * Shape strong arguments to support your opinions * Develop a comfort level with public speaking * Develop poise and confidence in your delivery * Become a stronger advocate for yourself ~ Ask for a raise with more confidence ~ Express yourself more directly at work ~ Be more relax and prepared for job presentations ~ Put forth your opinions more strongly w/family-friends ~ Help advance your women's group through outreach ~ Handle a public speaking engagement ~ Handle the attention of running a meeting

  • SEX EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR GIRLS (detailed description here) * Mother-daughter event that facilitates bonding so that mothers and daughters view each other as allies, rather than adversaries * Lays a foundations for a lifetime of open communications (After all, if you two can discuss sex, you can talk about anything!) * Material is Covered in three age appropriate sections, Sections B & C must be taken together: Section A: Puberty and the Menstrual Cycle Section B: Sex: Technical Info Section C: Philosophy of Sex * Provide straight talk on this issue * Satisfies three pillars: teaching our youth, supporting mothers, mentoring

  • Co-Sponsoring "Healing the Inner Child" workshop with No More Victims (No More Victims has put this project on hold)

  • FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENT NIGHTS (weekly) Members Only * Presents different vehicles for achieving economic independence among Amazon Xociety members * Serves as an on-going study group of wealth accumulation * Satisfies three pillars: economic empowerment, continued learning, and activism

  • MENTORING * Helping each other grow and develop is a major role of an Amazon. Every Amazon serves as a mentor and also has a mentor * Satisfies four pillars: unity, teaching, aiding other, and prosperity

  • PRIVATE INVESTIGATION STUDY GROUP * Need to track down your Ex for back child support? * Do you want to check him out before you say "I do"? (Particularly in regards to a criminal history of abuse) * Need to find out if he's cheating on you? * Now that divorce seems inevitable, do you need to find hidden assets? * Think you're being stalked? Learn how to do a cheap tag-check at the county courthouse.

  • HIGH SCHOOL MODEL * Starting a feminist club in high schools which will groom future women leaders and provide opportunities for community activism and legislative involvement * Includes civil rights education and dispute resolution training * Offer girls a comfortable non-threatening forum for expressing themselves. * Satisfies four pillars: activism, teaching, aiding others, and spirituality (personal growth) (Are you a teacher able to act as the teacher/advisor in your high school? Or can you provide a referral to someone who may consider it?)

  • MEDIA WATCH * Offers workshops on media literacy and criticism (we want to teach women how to view the media with a critical eye) * Conducts letter-writing and telephone campaigns as part of our consumer and legislative activism * Acts as a watchgroup for derogatory depictions of women in the media * (see letter from Joanna Champagne on Take Action page) * Satisfies three pillars: activism, education, and fairness/justice

  • LEGAL LITERACY * Offers free workshops in basic legal knowledge * Offers seminars in areas like small claims court, traffic court, what are your rights when stopped by an officer, and what do you do when presented with a warrant. * How to do basic legal research and web resources * How to investigate a case * Supports the establishment of an independent law library * Satisfies three pillars: activism, fairness/justice, continued learning, aid to others
  • MOVIE SCREENINGS * Examines women's portrayal in popular movie culture and how the female characters relate to each other in different films


    Donations and materials to support any of these projects may be sent to:

    The Amazon Xociety
    4617 Edfield Street, Box 3
    Houston, Texas 77033

    Please make checks payable to: The Amazon Xociety

    ~ Thank you for your support!!! ~