The Fifth Month

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"Mound (over the passageway to the Netherworld)"

(1) Shearing ?
(3) ?
(4) Festival of Barley Consumption of Ningirsu
(5) Lamps/Braziers are lit
(6) ne-gir; the Braziers
(7) The Wool-workers of Ninazu
(8) Gleaning
(11e) The Shepherd ?

(BM) Regents of the Monthly Decans, Aries Vernal Equinox:
Pan, "Bow Star," Canis Major, Ea Way;
Maštabbagalgal, "Great Twins," Gemini, Anu Way;
[Ur-a, or Ur-gu-la, "Water-dog," or "Great Lion," Leo; in MB period onward]
[Bir, "The Kidney," part of Virgo or Carina and Vela, in MB period onward]
(in Taurus period regents of Tammuz)

1. (13) Abum Festival in 5th month (observance for the dead); (KL) Celebration of Harvest (Treading of New Wine)
2. (14) Oil for singers entering the bit kupri (part of longer ritual?); (KL) Celebration of Harvest
3. (KL) Celebration of Harvest; dailafatan (Venus)
4. (KL) Celebration of Harvest
5. (15) "substitute figure" (salam puhi) removed from display in Akkad (displayed since 14 Tammuzu); (KL) Celebration of Harvest
6. (KL) Celebration of Harvest
7. (KL) Celebration of Harvest; dailafatan (Venus)
8. (KL) Celebration of Harvest
11. (5) beginning ? of ne-IZI-gar, "Lighting the Braziers" Festival
14. (12d) Observances for Belet-apim and Nergal
19. (BM) Ceremony containing plunging into a river, a mystery, and a ceremony for overcoming an adversary by placing a pašu of clay, on which is written the accuser's name, in coriander and casting it into the river
20. (BM) Day of Sorrow, not to cross river
24. (KL) Bathing in the Baths of Šarug
25. (4c) Malt Consumption Festival, four boats treated with oil - Dumuzi, "Lady-Sprinkled-with-Charm," Nanše, "Shining-Lady," Nindara, "Shrine-Abundance;" (BM) Day of Grief when an image of a Father is made, a prayer is said over it confessing the dead father's sins; (KL) Bathing in the Baths of Šarug
26. (4c) Malt Consumption Festival, boats sent to destinations; (BM) Pouring out water to the souls of the dead, in a garden; do not eat fowl or die by headache and fever; (KL) Bathing in the Baths of Šarug
27. (KL) Bathing in the Baths of Šarug
28. (5) "Festival of the Ghosts" ?; (15) King performs Maqlu; (KL) Bathing in the Baths of Šarug; kapharmisa
29. (PT) Incantations; (KL) Bathing in the Baths of Šarug
30. (KL) Bathing in the Baths of Šarug

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