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(1) Ghee
(3) Offerings of Ada (Hadad)
(4) Lighting of Braziers
(4a) The Lion
(5) Work of Inanna
(7) Festival of Ninazu
(8) Seeding
(11) f) Acorns

(Bm) Regents of the Monthly Decans, Aries Vernal Equinox.
Bir, Kalitu, "Kidney Star," part of Virgo or Carina and Vela. Ea Way.
Ugga, "The Raven," Corvus. Anu Way.
Su-pa, "The Brilliant Star," Arcturus. Enlil Way.
[Eridu, "Star of Eridu," Vela and Eridanus. Ea Way.
Dil-bat, "Venus," in Elulu, that is Eridanus. Anu Way.
He-gal-a-a, "Star of Plenty," Coma Berenices (?). Enlil Way; in MB period Onwards]
(in Taurus period stars of Abu)

1.(7) Festival of Ninazu for Dead Kings;(10a) Festival of Ninazu; offerings to funerary shrines;(KL) Celebrations with Magical Ceremonies;

2.(7) Festival of Ninazu for Dead Kings; (15) Offerings for Mayor of Uruk in Eanna; (KL) Celebrations with Magical Ceremonies;

3.(7) Festival of Ninazu for Dead Kings; (15) Dressing of Bel (Marduk); Nabu leaves temple (to Akitu-house?) in Babylon; stays away until 7th?; ablutions for Anu in Assyria; (15,PT) Clothing of Anu and Adad in Uruk, Nusku and Ninimma process out of their temples, Kusu leaves her temple for temple of Sin, Eturnunna, all for counsel with Sin and Ningal; purification for Anu and Istar with sacred marriage; (Bm,KL) Celebrations with Magical Ceremonies; Harranians wash secretly for Semal;

4.(7) Festival of Ninazu for Dead Kings; (15) Opening of the Great Gate;

5.(7) Festival of Ninazu for Dead Kings;


7.(14) Oil for Dagan "at the time of the Boat;"


9.(Bm) Offerings to Ea and River-Goddess;

10.(Bm) King must make offerings to Istar;

11.(5) kin-Inanna Festival; bathing of Goddesses; (Bm) Festival of the Mission of Innin (Inanna); sacrifices to Allatum, Queen of Hell (Ereskigal);

12.(Bm) King must make offerings to Istar;

13.(Bm) King must make offerings to Istar; (KL) The Column of Our Houses for the Women;

14.(5) kin-Inanna Festival; bathing of Goddesses; (Bm) King must make offerings to Istar;

15.(15) ablutions for Adad in Assyria; (Bm) King must make offerings to Istar;

16.(15) ablutions for Sin and Samas in Assyria; "...when the King goes to.... because he defeated Anu;"(the following quotes for calendar (15) for days 16 to 26 are from Cohen, CC p. 325); (Bm) King must make offerings to Istar;

17.(15) '"Entry;" the day Bel defeated his enemies;'

18.(15) ablutions for Assur in Assyria; '"Silence;" when they cast down Kingu and his forty children from the roof. The oil and honey that they pour into the container, they pour in as a representation of their blood;'

19.(14) Festival of the Divine Lance; "Queen sacrifices lance of Istar of Tuba in the residence;" (15) '"Silence" is when he placed in fetters Anu and the 'Seven Gods,' the sons of Enmesarra;'

20.(8) Fixed date for sunumun (seeding)-Festival; (12a) Niqmum, oil provided for the day the God Quritum is carried away (or on 25th); (15) '"Wrath" is when he put Anu, the King, in fetters; the day when Marduk, put the King, Anu, in fetters;'

21.(15) 'the 21st is (when) he plucked out the eyes of the highest-ranking Gods and put them on display;'

22.(15) 'when Anu went down to the Edugani (....) "The House where he killed Anu;"' (PT) Incantation;

23.(15) 'the day battle calmed his rage;'

24.(15) 'the day on which the King put on the crown, on which Bel slit the throat of Anu;'(KL) The Lords of the Coming Forth of the New Moon;

25.(KL) The Candle on the Hill of Harran;

26.(15) 'the day Bel went to that house, the house which Anu had excavated...;' (Bm,KL) Celebrations at the Mountain; celebrations of the Sun and Venus;

27.(Bm) King must make offerings to Istar; (Bm,KL) Festival in honor of Samal, the devils and the jinn;

28.(Bm) Harranian festival in honor of Semal and the Demons;