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Volvo Car Club Meet se TX 10-31-09 - what a blast!

This Volvo Car Club Texas Fall 2009 Meet was one of the best of all time!

Below are some pics - more to come. If you want to share yours email them to me or put them on a public photo site for all to enjoy (no password or signup needed, please).

Also, you are most welcome to add your pics and comments here.

Thanks to all attendees and a special THANK YOU to Nils Nilsson for sharing his spectacular ranch facilities deep in the southeast Texas piney woods.

George McDonald (and dog, Bella) cooked up one helluva BBQ feast assisted by wife Jackie and Nils. You can't get any better than freshly-slaughtered/prepared animal slow-smoked over locally-harvested wood combined with fresh veggies and area fruit/produce - life is good!

More than thirty Volvos (and a motorcycle and two pickups) rolled into the woods on an absolutely perfect Fall day in Texas.

We welcomed many new faces and cars including a rare 1965? P1800 that Nils recognized as an "early" car based on the metal chassis tag riveted to the fender well showing England/Scotland origins. We'll solve that puzzle at the next Meet.

Staggering about the trees full of BBQ we admired the many Volvos including a red PV444 and an all-new XC60.

Peoples' Choice Best Volvo RWD was a tie between a ragged-out 240 and a perfect '67 1800 so both received $50. Best Volvo FWD/AWD was a highly-modified V70R AWD wagon.

After tons of door prizes were "won" and the "no-rules" auction completed we had the "No-drive Poker Run" with low and high hands receiving $50 each.

The Texas Chapter of the Volvo Club of America held a business meeting during which Nick Tosie of Dallas was elected Chapter president and Matt Harold of Austin vice-president. Jackie McDonald was re-elected as Sec/Treasurer.

The next Texas Meet will be near Austin March 12-14, 2010 - mark your calendar then add your comments here.

Following the pics is the original site announcing this Meet.


George Dill


(Old site starts here)


See y'all at the Meet!

This Meet is a GO shine or rain! (Perfect weather predicted!)

You will not get lost - watch for the VOLVO ---> signs!

Get the forecast and current weather conditions for Columbus, Texas, here.

Radar Loop?

NOTE: This gathering is open to all interested parties - you need not own a Volvo or join any club.


Texas Fall 2009 Joint Volvo Car Club Meet including the Texas and Alamo Chapters of the Volvo Club of America, the Texas Volvo Crew (Dallas/Houston) and Volvo Sports America (VSA) near Columbus, Texas, about 75 miles west of Houston, on Saturday, October 31, 2009, starting 10:am and located at the private ranch of Nils Nilsson, 1202 Mossy Oaks Lane in Colorado County, Texas.

For the absolute latest info and to chat with fellow Volvo Lovers click here.

This is an old (1996) Texas Chapter VCOA page that I'm using to post maps, pics, etc. for this Volvo Car Club Meet (old out-of-date site is below).

Following are maps which should get you really lost but just call me, George Dill (254-541-2199), or George McDonald (713-503-4708) for a wing-tip landing.

Hey - wait!

If you are in the Columbus, Texas, area Friday afternoon/evening (Oct 30) about 7pm stop in at Schobels for a quick bite with your fellow Volvo Nuts. Open to all - no RSVP needed. Might even find somebody who knows the route to the Meet!

Schobels is here.

Schobels Restaurant
2020 Milam St
Columbus, TX 78934
(979) 732-2385

Some pics from the Fall 2007 Houston meet are here.

Some notes about this Meet...

1. Open to all interested parties. You need not own a Volvo or join any club.

2. The BBQ and fixin's are free - donations accepted - chow starts at 1pm. If you plan to do the eats please call George McDonald for a headcount - (713-503-4708). Food is available even if you forget to call.

3. Mossy Oaks Lane is a private gravel road - speed limit 15mph!

4. Bring some portable seating and free-standing canopies if available.

5. The Meet is a GO rain or shine.

6. Early birds should bring their own snacks/drinks.


7pm Fri, Oct 30: Informal dinner at Schobel�s in Columbus, all welcome, no RSVP needed.

10am � 1pm Sat, Oct 31: Nils Nilsson Ranch. Set up, sign-in, registration, car prep, parts swap-n-sell, show-n-tell, impromptu tech sessions, Peoples� Choice voting, tour of on-site Volvo Car collection and more!

1pm: FREE BBQ! (donations accepted). While we dine on Mr. McDonald�s fine fare we will hold a business meeting, elect new Texas Chapter officers and welcome volunteers wishing to plan, organize and execute future Meets.

2pm: Door prizes, no-rules auction, no-drive Poker Run. Peoples� Choice awards.

Rules for no-drive Poker Run:
Any and all persons may play. 5-card stud, nothing wild, Ace is high (14) or low (1), King (13), Queen (12), Jack (11), all other cards face value. Cards are marked to discourage card swapping. Low hand wins $50 cash and high hand wins $50 cash. Remember - we are playing stud poker here - if you have a low hand (two Aces, duece, trey, four) for a total of eleven what you really have is a pair of Aces which will probably not be low enough to win low hand but could win high hand. You must declare high or low when showing your cards.

Peoples� Choice Awards.

Best Volvo RWD - $50 cash. (Note: Please vote your choice but if one of George McDonald's perfect Masters' Class cars wins again the money goes to second place).
Best Volvo FWD/AWD = $50 cash.

5pm: Road Rallye to Schobels for dry-out(?), warm-up and another informal dinner then launch to the house!



(Note: Some roads have more than one name along with a county road number)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)

(print version for above map - right-click here then open in a new browser/window)


Old page starts below and many sites are long-gone.


April 2001. Hot Volvo Contacts - George Dill.

Swedish Classics 800-258-4422.

Swedish Car Parts 877-902-2600 CA.

Peninsula Import Car Parts Free Volvo Catalog - 800-999-1209 NY.

Don Hart's Radiator in Waller, TX. 800-723-3759.

Juliano's Seat Belts in CT 800-300-1932.

All European Auto Supply, Inc. 800-255-3876 in MI.

Books For Cars 888-380-9277 WA.

Village Volvo 800-501-0403 MD.

Hyman Ltd. Classic Volvos in St. Louey!

Keiser Motors Mostly Mercedes in CA.

Susquehanna Spares - 122 stuff and cars, 717-921-2644, PA.

Auto Book Center - 122 shop manual, $49, 800-448-6244, FL.

Volvo Parts - 877-535-7278, CA.

Old Site starts here.

July 13, 2000.

Volvo Services and Products

These Folks do Volvo without a Web Page and/or E-mail, yet!

E-mail us if you are listed here and are now on-line.

International Specialist, Volvo service/repair/parts, San Antonio, 210-366-4908.

Swedish Auto Sales, maintenance/warranties, San Antonio, 210-828-0505.

County Line Classic Auto Salvage (Dallas area), open Sunday, 972-223-3200.

Yankee Trading Co. Automobile Restoration Specialist, 610-559-1750, FAX 610-559-1751. PA

Cirrus Auto Parts, new/used Volvo parts, 800-411-7211.

European Engine Center, Dunedin, Florida, 727-733-9498.

Apple Hydraulics, Brake and Carb Rebuilders, 800-882-7753, FAX 516-369-9516. NY

The Bumper Boyz, Robert and Carlos, exchange/repair Volvo bumpers, 800-995-1703, FAX 213-587-2013, CA.

I have now finished the R134a a/c conversions of my 64 122S and the 73 145e, both with

Sanden compressors and brackets from Bob Folz.

Great! The 145e is limited by the capacity of the central fan unit in the console, which is insufficient for the huge volume of air to be chilled in the back of the wagon. Even so, it is an improvement, and the driver and front passenger can be semi-comfortable.

Sincerely yours,

John M. Chirgwin, Ph.D. (see Page 10, Membership List, for "Chirgwin" or use the search window on the Home Page).

Dash Covers for like-new look as low as $69.95, 800-259-1125.

New exhaust systems and catalytic converters, save up to 70%, 800-259-1125. Say, didn't I ...

Revolvstore, Tucson, AZ, under new management, new/used Volvo parts and reconditioned Volvos for sale. 800-288-6586. AZ.

VRC, New Volvo Parts, used parts, too. new specialist, 800-872-2170.

Gas Tank Renu, USA, 800-997-3688.

New Headliners for most cars 1920 to 1990, Headliner Mart, 408-978-5103. CA.

Volvo rebuilt auto trans, 800-372-8726.

Palo Alto Speedometer, restore any Volvo gauge/speedo, 650-323-0243, CA.

Volvo engines and trans, CHEAP ! 305-751-4741. FL.

Volvo performance and racing parts plus hot heads/engines for 1800, 122, 544, 140, 315-478-1229 eves, NY.

Bill Chebb in Alberta, Canada, sells better-than-new heater blower motors for 240 and older Volvos. Call 403-465-4960 or E-mail "". See his ad in "Rolling".

Autoparts Foreign, Volvo Parts, 800-682-2443, NH.

First Choice Import Auto Salvage, 214-428-7727, Dallas.

Foreign Autotech, any and all parts for Volvo 1800, 215-441-4421, PA.

Auto Zone, Scale Models, Volvo Books etc., 800-647-7288, MI.

VOLUPARTS, New and Used Volvo Parts, 404-352-3402, GA.

Alloy Rim Repair, $99.99 each back to you, 1-508-881-1999, MA.

Sweden Auto Warehouse, New/Used Volvo Parts (indoors!), Ship World-wide, 800-686-5868, CA.

RPR Company, order Volvo Parts and get free 136-page catalog to order some more, 1-800-81V-OLVO, CA.

Foreign Auto Parts, Bosal Exhaust, Brakes, Shocks, Steering Racks etc., 1-800-544-4600, where?!

Will buy Volvos, running or not, 512-912-9334, 627-8905.

New and used Volvo parts, 512-366-1518.

Moncrief Marketing, Inc.,Saab and Volvo factory parts, 800-583-0370.

Sell your Collector Car at Auction, 1-800-722-9942.

Collector Antique/Classic Cars, many models, 817-560-1500.

Cirrus Auto Parts, new/used and after-market parts for Volvo, 1-800-411-7211.

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