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JOHN McCOY Generation #1

The first McCoy from our line, that we have been able to trace, is JOHN McCOY. He was born February 17, 1764 and died September 17, 1836. His wife was named CHARITY. She was born 1783 and died July 9, 1820. John came to Laurens County, South Carolina from Fairfield County. He served in the Revolutionary War. (We are currently working on this fact.) All of their children were born in and around Laurens County. They had the following children:

  1. Drayton Bennett b. August 23,1801 d. August 8,
      1888 **This is my line. Click to see more.
  2. Barnett b. April 5, 1803 d. December 23, 1893
      He married Elizabeth Emily Getzendanner and they had three children, Emily Elizabeth (Sartor), Dr. Thomas, and James Stacy McCoy.
  3. Micajah
  4. Elizabeth R. b. 1815 (m. James S. Godfrey)
  5. David B.
  6. Charity E. b. January 10, 1815 d. 1860's (m. Lewis (Louis) Anderson 1813-1862)
  7. Mary Ann b. 2/9/1809? d. 1/7/1834 (stone broken) age 24yrs (m. John Ferguson)
  8. John L.

**Click on Drayton to see Generation #2.