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Drayton, Edna and daughter

DRAYTON BENNETT MCCOY was born August 23, 1801 in South Carolina. He died August 8, 1888 in Kingsland Arkansas. He is buried at Camp Springs Cemetery in Kingsland.

When Drayton was a young man, his father sent him "back east" to study medicine. He wasn't interested in studying or medicine. He eventually got a degree in education and began to teach school.

He married #1: ELIZABETH JACKS, daughter of Isaac and Anna Jacks of Laurens County, South Carolina. She was born 3/8/1806 and died 2/1/1828 at 21 years of age. #2 Wife Unknown. We think that he had a couple of children with her. #3: RACHEL TATE. He married her in Jackson County, Missouri. (We don't know what he was doing there.) They were married only a short time. #4: EDNA ELIZABETH BARNES from Alabama. He and Edna settled in Choctaw County, Mississippi. Records show that he taught school there in 1860. In 1867, following the Civil War, they moved to Dallas County, (and then on to Cleveland County), Arkansas, where the McCoy's became big landowners. Drayton also taught school in that county.
Drayton and Edna had the following eleven children:

  1. Henry Lewis b. June 23, 1840 in Attalla Co., MS d. July 17, 1917 in Morris County, TX. m (1) Margaret Donathan (2) Mary Elkins
  2. Evan Boyd**This is my line b. July 17, 1843 in Attalla Co., MS d. December 19, 1919 in Abilene, Texas. See link for details.
  3. Erastus Amziah "RAZZ" b. November 2, 1846 in MS d. December 14, 1925 in Hawley, Texas m. (1) Edna Jane (2) Vina Ellen Langsford
  4. Thomas Gilbert b. September 30, 1845 in MS d. December 18, 1913 in Hodges, Texas m. Susan Mary Ann Goodwin.
  5. Minerva Lena b. 1848 d. November 1870 in Dallas County, Arkansas
  6. Swinston b. 1851 in MS d.?
  7. Martha P. born 1856 d. 1875 married William Garner
  8. Winfield b. 1851 in MS d.?
  9. Pleasant Monroe "ROE" b. May 13, 1854 in MS d. September 9, 1910 in Cleveland County, Arkansas married Parthenia Donathan
  10. Drayton Columbus b. 1858 in MS d. November 3, 1908 in Ft. Worth, Texas m(1) Elizabeth McFarland m(2)Louise Dykes
  11. James Bogan b. 1860 in MS d. 1903 in CA married Sally ?.

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