Mex's Hobbies


I read a lot of Detective/Lawyer type Fiction. My favorite writers include John Grisham, W.E.B. Griffin, James Patterson, and Nelson Demille. (These are only the books I've read and not a complete listing of the author's works.)

I have recently finished reading “The Slicky Boys” by Martin Limon. I had never heard of him but it was a good read. I like a challenge when I’m reading. I tend to try to guess the ending as would any detective trying to solve a problem.

Being stationed in Germany I do not get the usual access to the Newspaper crossword puzzles that are out there. But I haven’t let that stop me. I do three crosswords a day but I am far from a pro. I love the challenge and have found two worthy on-line sites. New puzzles appear daily on these which will fill up an hour of your time. The “At The Cross Roads", site offers a best daily score category while the site provided by “The San Antonio Express News” (in the menu) is a generic puzzle.

Tv Shows/Movies

I also am a collector of several shows on TV that you can access on the TV and Movie pages.

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