DOA and the Crazytrain!!!


this goes nowhere yet...hahahah

DOA AND THE CRAZYTRAIN is me and my friend Austins radioshow here in Brownwood. We play all kinds of industrial music, as well as heavy metal, death metal, hard rock, and alternative music. We feature an artist every week on the "Derailment of the Night" and we also showcase local talent when we get a chance. We broadcast live ( and sometimes not live) from KHPU radiostation 91.7 FM. If you live in the Brownwood Area you might like to check it out. KHPU is Howard Payne Universitys own radiostation run by the Telecomunications department, and though I am a drama major, and really have no business hanging around the station, they let me do this show with the help of Austin, who really runs it, and Jesse Wooten who helped us get on the air, and pretends to run it also. ITs a lot of fun, and if you have any comments there should be a DOA page up soon. Till then e-mail us at ON!!!