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Clip of "Into Jesus" by: DC Talk

Hello, my name is Chris and I am an 20 yr. old Male from Houston, TX (now in Marshall, TX for college). I currently don't work ony my page much, but I try to keep this one updated (last time 11/15/00). God bless you!!

I am 20, and 5'10" with blonde hair and blue eyes.
I love writing poetry and drawing.
My passion is music.
I sing tenor and made the Texas-All State Choir for 2nd Tenor twice.
I play a little acoustic and mostly bass guitar.
My fav movies are "Braveheart", "The Matrix", All Star Wars movies, and "Coming to America", "Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail", and "The Three Amigos".
I love pretty much everybody.
I have 2 bros and 1 sis (Daniel is 16, Katherine is 6, and Andrew is 3) and my wonderful father and mother, Richard and Judy.
Last and most importantly I love Jesus with all my heart and desire His ways.

Everyone, God is sooo wonderful. Alot of times we turn Him down because His road looks so far and hard, but it is so filled with His love and acceptance. It is something no human or material thing could ever give you. God is justice and things mentioned in the Bible that are sins...they ARE sins, but we as Christians are to show compassion and forgiveness to those who sin against us and others. The thing we MUST remember though is that as Christians we are to keep each other accountable for our actions. Not only are we supposed to watch others' steps, but we are not to be a stumbling block to other people. Remember as brothers and sisters in Christ we are to give our whole hearts to Jesus, and although we will never be perfect...we are to strive to be. God bless you all!!

Here are some things you might wanna know about me from a "get to know me" email.

Nickname/Screen name: A2J, Chris

Birthday: 2/19/80

Parents: Richard and Judy

Siblings and Ages: Daniel - 18, Katherine - 8, Andrew - 5

Best Friend:  Jesus

Pets and names:  =o( none (yet hehe)

School: East Texas Baptist University (E.T.B.U.)

Jobs: WEINER'S!!!!!!!

Past Jobs: babysitting

Hobbies: Playing bass&guitar, singing, drawing, reading, writing, chatting, listening to music.

Words or Phrases You Overuse: Im just kidding, awww just playin', mhmm yeah...surrre.... , dumb head/stupidhead....., ohhh yesss...hmmm I see.....*sarcasm*, "wow"

A Non-sport game that you Excel in: Yahtzee, Monopoly and Star Wars Monopoly, Life, Pacman, Galaga, and, recently, Othello!

A non-sport game that you enjoy:  Yahtzee, Monopoly and Star Wars Monopoly, Life, Pacman, Galaga (maybe 'cause I'm good at 'em hehe), and recently, Othello!

Dream Car: I don't really know....

Coolest experience in Life: meeting Jesus Christ.

Scariest thing you've ever done: First time to be behind the wheel alone, I hit the accelerator instead of brake accidently before a turn, and went right into a ditch behind my church.  My mom swears I was 15/16 at the time, but that was a LONG time ago.  I was like 13.

Fav thing to do in the summer: be cool....spend time with my family basketball, go places with friends, help out at church.

Fav thing to do in the fall: Enjoy the sights and sounds of my favorite season, wait for the great holidays I can home and see my family.

Fav thing to do in the winter: be warm....and wait for that time when I can go home and spend time with my family.

Little-known talent that you posess:  Wiggle my ears....and my nostrils (LOL), bend the part of my thumb that connects to my hand far in and back ...and make it look wavy, the ability to make people laugh, especially when they're down.

Special skills or talents:  Singing, Writing, drawing, playing my bass, guitar

Character traits you look for most in a person:  a good sense of humor, honesty, kindness, knows when to be silly and when not to be (sometimes I mess up), can stand up for what they believe, but also be open-minded to the fact that they might be wrong. Most important, that they LOVE Jesus!

Future GoalsTo serve God in whatever way He will use me.

Denomination(if any): Christian....who happens to go to a Southern Baptist church  :-)

Church (if any): Uvalde Baptist Church at home and Central Baptist Marshall here at ETBU.

Fav music: Mainly Christian (got tired of everything else), good love songs, but really all sounds except most country, and REALLY hard stuff.  I also really like a lot of classical and choral music.

Fav color(s): blues, forest and hunter greens.

Fav Food: MOMMA'S Lasagna

Least Fav Food: there isn't really anything i don't like, except maybe pamento cheese...ick!

Funniest person you know: Cornel

Fav vacationing spot: probably Glorieta, New Mexico or Daytona Beach in Florida.

Fav subject:  CHOIR!!!!!!!

Fav "toy" : computer

Fav Books: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King (not horror books), The Dragon King Trilogy by Stephen R. Lawhead,  "The Legend Of Huma" by Richard A. Knaak, Star Wars books by Timothy Zahn, and a group of books called the "Left Behind Books".

Book you would like to Read:  The next book in the Dark Tower series and the next book in the "Left Behind Books".

Fave actor:  Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford.

Fave actress: not sure

Fav cartoon characters: Speedy Gonzales, Wolverine...and probably alot more!

Fav movies: ALL Star Wars Movies, Braveheart, The Three Amigos, Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail, Coming to America, and The Matrix

Fav music video: don't know.

Fav song(s): "History Maker" by Delirious, "Red Letters" by DC Talk, and "Lost the Plot" by Newsboys.

Fav commercial(s): Snickers commercials(not going anywhere for a while? grab a snickers), Taco Bell commercials....and the Jack in Box commercial where he confronts the Taco Bell Dog("You're a dog....dogs aren't very picky"), and the Mountain Dew Commercial (Tonight...tonight).

Fav animal: Siberian Tigers

Fav TV Shows: 7th Heaven, Home Improvment, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NewsRadio

Fav Day: CHRISTMAS!!! :-) the day that we celebrate our Savior

Fav Month(s): December and February(most of my family members' b-days are in this month)

Fav part of the newspaper: probably the comics

Fav things to wear: My docs, flannel shirts/other cool shirts, jeans, khakis, khaki shorts, and, around the house and outside, shorts and a t-shirt.

Day(s) you will never 4-get: both All-State Choir performances: my junior year and senior year, my first kiss, and both the days I've been hurt the most by the girls I've loved the most.

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