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17th Texas Infantry

Company G

Alexander, N.W.

Anderson, A.J.

Arnett, Cullen C. - Capt.

Arnett, G.C. - Cpl.

Baker, C.G.

Barber, I.J. (Allen's Regt)

Barton, Columbus

Barton,David - 2nd Lt.

Barton, W.P.

Bilberry, Franklin

Bilberry, Russell

Bingham, C.C.

Boyce, H.W.

Bradley, W.L. - Sgt.

Bradley, W.S. - Sgt.

Branch, N.B.

Casbeer, Joseph Lamar
born 25 Oct 1839 in Lamar Co., Texas - died 6 Jun 1918 in Ozona, Crockett Co., Texas. He is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Crockett Co., Texas.

Casbeer, Thomas A. - 3rd Sgt.,
born 17 May 1835 in St. Francis Co., Arkansas - died 14 Aug 1889 in Lampasas Co., Texas. He buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Lampasas, Lampasas Co., Texas. His monument states TX 3rd Sgt Co G 17 Regt TX Inf CSA

Josiah S. Casbeer
b.29 Mar 1837, d.23 Jan 1907
Buried in Center City Cemetery, Mills County, Texas

Casbeer, William M.
born July 1843 in Lamar Co., Texas - He was a long time resident of Williamson Co., Texas.

Casey, Allen
born May 22, 1837 in Wayne Co., TN. He died July 18, 1866 (place unknown).

Casey, Hugh
born Dec. 11, 1833 in Wayne Co., TN. He died Nov. 12, 1925 in San Antonio, but believed buried in Georgetown, TX.

Casey, John Wesley
born Oct. 28, 1840 in Wayne Co., TN. He later moved to Young Co., TX and ran a ferry across the Brazos there at a town named after him (Caseyville) which became a ghost town after a bridge went up. He then moved to Farmer, Young Co., TX and was postmaster, and a prominent citizen. He is buried in Farmer Cemetery, Farmer (Ghost Town), TX. He died Dec. 10, 1920. His footstone lists him also as a 2nd Lt. of the 27th Texas Brigade of Militia (unclear if he left his Militia post to join the regular army or what?)

Casey, Willis
born Jan 13, 1836 in Wayne Co., TN. He died Nov. 16, 1895 in Florence, Williamson Co., TX and is buried in the Florence Cemetery.

Cashion, T.J.

Caskey, W.J.

Chapman, A.J.

Chapman, T.A.

Chapman, W.M. - Cpl.

Coffey, Cyrus - ACS

Collier, Crocket - Cpl.

Collins, L.F.

Copeland, James - Cpl.

D'Spain, James - Cpl.

Davidson, G.M. - Sgt.

Dawson, J.F.

Dawson, N.C.

Dawson, W.W.

Draper, J.M. - 1st Sgt.

Eastman, B.F.

Eccles, William

Etheridge, Dennis

Etheridge, Burel

Etheridge, Lewis

Fisk, J.B.

Foster, A.A.

Foster, Robert

Gibbs, I.L.

Grant,Daniel Vaughn - Capt.
born in 1836 in Pennsylvania. He died in Williamson Co., Texas before 1900. He was married to a sister of the Casbeer brothers. She was Malvina Casbeer. She is living in Williamson Co., Texas in 1900 census shown as a widow. He married Malvina Lyre Casbeer on 10 May 1855 in Lamar Co., Texas. In 1870 Daniel V. Grant is a Merchant in the town of Liberty Hill, Lampasas Co., Texas.

Greer, James

Hall, Henry - Cpl.

Hall, T.P.

Hardy, P.S.

Hardey, W.E.

Hartless, E.W.

Hartson, Hiram

Hastey, W.W.

Hasty, James A.

Hasty, John A. - Cpl.

Heine, Henry

Hensley, F.F.

Holladay, Robert

Hubbert, David

Jenkins, Eli

Jennings, Harrison

Jennings, W.E.

Johnson, H.P.

Lemn, Malcom

Lewis, T.B.

Lockwood, Thomas - 2nd Lt.

Long, H.M.

Long, J.E.

Long, William

Long, William H. - 1st Sgt.

Love, J.w. - Sgt.

Maltby, W.J. - Capt.

Marley, Samuel H.

Marley, W.A

Masters, John

Masters, Warren

Maulden, G.H.
Maulden, J.W.

Maulden, W.B.

Miller, W.C.

Miller, Winchester, - Jr. 2nd Lt.

Moore, Lewellen

Morris, W.R.

Nagiller, L.

Naudain, J.N.

Nevitt, J.B.

Newton, J.C.

Patrick, W. - Cpl.

Perry, B.B.

Perry, Henry - Cpl.

Petty, D.W.

Phelan, Calvin

Phelan, Jesse

Phelan, Pleasant

Proctor, George - Sgt.

Robinson, Anson

Santos, C.

Scott, L.B. - Cpl.

Shaw, William A.

Singleton, J.B. - Sgt.

Singleton, W.H.H.

Skaggs, L.L.

Slaughter, John T.

Smith, John

Smith, Taylor

Smith, W.F.

Stewart, B.H.

Stewart, C.C. - Cpl.

Stewart, S.N.

Tedford, George

Tharp, W.P.

Thaxton, Henry

Turnbow, A.J.

Wilkinson, J.H.
Williamson, Alexander - Cpl.

Wilson, James A.

Wimberley, A.W. - 1st Lt.

Wofford, H.H.

Wolf, A.F.

Woodard, H.R.

Young, W.W.

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