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Zoe-chan's Rayearth Page

Opening Title

Konnichi wa! This is my Magic Knight Rayearth Page. Please, enjoy your stay here!

May 18, 2000: Bwak! I hadn't updated this page in over a year! In thw words of Homer Simpson, "Holy guacamole!" So, what's happened in my long absence? Well, Rayearth is available in America now. The first series is released by Anime Works, and the second is coming out soon. Oh well, I've seen them both already anyway. And the OAV. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah. ^_^ Anyway, hopefully I can set some time aside and start working on these pages again. Until then, ja ne!

*WARNING*: This page contains spoilers for the first anime series of Magic Knights Rayearth! If you don't want to know what happens, don't read this, okay? Thanks!

Below are my pages for the Rayearth charachters from the first part (still under construction!) Thanks! Matta ne!

The Men of CephiroThe Men of Cephiro

the Women of CephiroThe Women of Cephiro

The StoryThe Story for the first series of the Rayearth anime tv show and the OAV version

The Weird GuysThe Weird Guys of Cephiro. Basically the monsters and other unclassifieds. If it aint human, it's probably here.

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