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Hunka Munka Cheesecake!

This is, as my friend calls them, my page of "Hunka Munka Cheesecake" guys! It used to be pretty much all anime, but after a few complaints (and several weird looks), I've added some of my favorite flesh and bone guys. Sugoi. =^_^=

Of course, there's always Tasuki and Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi.
Who cares if Tasuki is a lying, potty-mouthed, bandit? And who cares if Nuri-chan is a crossdressing "fruit", as I've heard him described...? They're still cute! And so sugoi too! I don't know which I like better; my Fang Boy(Tassy-chan. Kawaii name, ne?) or my Fruity Boy!(Nuri-chan)

Then of course there's Diamondo from SM.
why are all the good ones evil?
You know, I have a picture of Clef from MKR and he looks EXACTLY like Dimi-san, except without the moon on his forehead. See, look!
Aaaah! He looks like Dimi-san!
I TOLD you so! Oh well, Dimi-san may be evil, but he's CUTE! And speaking about cute but evil...
Kawaii Saffiru!
Look, it's Saffiru. And he looks SOOO kawaii, laying there like that! Eeeeeek! I don't care what people say, Saffi-chan is NOT a clone of Mamo-chan! Bedaahh! :P

Now I think it's time we switched our attention to good guys for a sec. And who's on the top of the list? Why, it's Yaten Kou!
Yaten is soo kawaii!
I know what you're thinking. "Wait, that's a chick! That's not a guy!" Well, I know that. But I like Yaten in his MALE form. He does have another form. Another gender-bender on my HMC list! Now, let's see if I have any pictures of him as a guy....
Yaten, StarHealer and Luna. Sugoi
There, that's better.

And, of course, the boy who walks that thin line between guy and girl all the time, Ranma Saotome from, well, Ranma 1/2 of course.
So kawaii!
There he is, lookin' all macho. Meow. Wish I was Akane. =^_~= Hmm, I think I have a thing for cross-dressers/sex-changers. Wierd...

And, of course, there's the guy you love to hate, Ryouji Kaji from EVA.
Kaji is sooooo cool
I used to absolutely despise him for "two-timing" on Misato, but I realized, he's pretty awesome. Quite a fine specimen of Man Cake! Grrrowl! I can see why Asuka falls all over him. Oh, and look!
David, david, yum yum yum!
HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE KAJI! Goodness, if they made a live action EVA movie, they could use David here as Kaji. He's got the looks, the cocky attitude, the sly charm... he's dreeeeaaaaamy. *_* ::starry eyes:: Err, sorry about that. For all of you who don't know, this is everybody's favorite FBI agent, David "Fox Mulder" Duchovny. Now that's some man meat. This picture is from when he was a lot yummier, ...err, younger! Sorry! Freudian slip! ::sweatdrops::

Now let's get into some Gundam Wing into here. It is kind of hard to pick favorites, what with the majority of the cast young bishounens (handsome guys), but I'd have to say the one I like best is Chang Wufei
Wufei wa sugoi...
Doesn't that picture look like something straight out of a magazine ad? Looks like he's selling expensive cologne or something. =^_^= Oh well, he's still cute.

And, hailing all the way from Macross (aka Robotech,) we have...
Max, who's so very kawaii, and his wife Millia
Why, it's Max Jenius (Max Sterling), the ever so kawaii ace-pilot, and his alien wife Millia Pallyna-Jenius (Miriya Parino-Sterling). I couldn't find a pic of just Max, so if you got one (preferably from DYRL or Macross 7), please send it to me! Oops, almost forgot about my other kawaii guy!
Hikaru Ichijo! You may know him better as Rick Hunter. Now, I have Hikaru on my list for a very *special* reason (if you know me online or are a close friend of mine, you probably know why.) Hehehe, Hik! Anyway, there he is, kawaii little Hikaru-kun(I call him that so I don't get him mixed up with Hikaru-chan from MKR, who's a girl).

Speaking of MKR, we have...
Eeeeek! SO kawaii!
...all the men of Cephiro from the second series! There's Eagle and Lantis and Larfaga and Ferio and Zazu and Clef and Geo... They're all so cute! Except for that one dude that looks like a gag charachter all the time. Argg, what is your name, baka-head?! Oi, nevermind. I think I like Ferio the most. He's the one with green hair and the two scars (one across his cheek and one over the bridge of his nose.) He's so kawaiii!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I just think Eagle is the greatest. He's probably my second fav (the one with the short blonde hair and the brown eyes). And his voice? Can you say mrrrroooww! "FTO... go!" EEEEK! (actually, that's kind of scary, considering Megumi Ogata-sensei does his voice. Yep, the same person who does Haruka Ten'ou, Princess Emeraude, and good ol' Shinji-baka-kun Ikari, also does my lovely Eagle. Oh well.)

Oh, now I suppose it's time to show off some more of the real life cuties. First, let's start with Ed Roland.
Ed looking thoughtful
Cute little Ed here is the lead singer/guitarist/writer for one of the most awesome bands on the face of the planet, Collective Soul. He's got the voice of an angel and the face to match (and, no, I'm not talking about the Tokyo-3 brand of Angel.) I saw them at a local music fest, I got about three feet from the stage ^_^, and let me just say this: if it hadn't been for the fact that I was squished between so many sweaty manwhiches, I might have jumped him. He can croon to me anytime! Oh goodness, did I say that out loud? ^_^;

And, here, all the way from my rockin' home town of Austin, Texas, is the one, the only, Davíd Garza.
Davíd, we love you!
Yes, another fine Texas musician who has been branded with the title of the "Austin Sound," Davíd not only has a beautiful voice and a great talent for music, but he's--to put it bluntly--hotter than Dallas asphalt. Whoo-boy! Making me get all flustered just thinking about it! ::fans herself:: Speaking of Austin cuties, I'm gonna have to put up a picture of Bob Schneider soon... (go to my friend Jennifer's Bob Shrine to see what I mean. Grrrowl.)

And, of course, who can forget the cutie lead singer for The Lemonheads, Evan Dando.
So peaceful, so kawaii
Say what you will about The Lemonheads, but Evan is not to be messed with. With a quasi-gravely voice, a somewhat morbid sense of humor, and a face that you just want to plant a big one on, Mr. Dando is one of the most talented and wonderful musicians out there. Sugoi, sugoi, sugoi!

And yet another musically talented cutie, the little English sweetie, Gavin Rossdale!
This was before he died his hair red, and he looks mighty cute, singing there. Curse you, Gwen Steffani! Oh well, I can stil admire him from afar.

Now, as far as actors go, this guy is one of the most kawaii--Mr. Johnny Depp
Cutie Patootie
Wow, that's a very good picture. I think it's gettig hot ii here. Not only did he play the famous Latin lover Don Juan de Marco on screen, but he's REALLY cute too! Oh, so kawaii, so sugoi...

Now for some REAL LIFE Japanese cuties, it's Kouichi and Tsuyoshi Doumoto of KinKi Kids!
Ah, Ko-chan always looks happyTsu-chan's just too sexy for his shirt
Aren't they just ADORABLE? And they sing sooooo pretty... ::dreamy sigh:: Baby Love Indeed! Some notes on names: these two share the same last name but they're *not* related. Otherwise, that'd be one exceedingly hot family... ^_^ Also, the name KinKi Kids is *not* some sort of Engrish mess-up of the word "kinky." Kinki is actually a prefect in Japan where the boys are from and they picked up the name from there. Yeah, I did my homework on these guys. Now if only I'd do my *real* schoolwork... ^_^

Aww, when they were younger... curse them for being so cute!

Oh, btw, I think Kou-chan is *much* cuter than Tsu-chan (not that I don't love Tsu-chan; he's got a very kirei voice)--It's the hair, it's always the hair. Yeah, I'm a sucker for a guy with long hair. Give me hair, long beautiful hair... ^_^ Well, do you wanna see my absolute *favorite* pic of Kou-chan? Okay, you asked for it...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *slips on pool of her own drool* Oh, too sexy, too sexy...! ^_^

And for those who enjoy JRock over JPop...


The hot-hot boys of GLAY! Oh goodness, these guys are awesome. From left to right: Takuro (Takky-chan, guitar as well as the one who comes up with most all of the band's rockin' music), Teru (Teru-chan is the "face" of GLAY--he's the one who provides the rich vocals), Hisashi (sexy 'Sashi-chan is the other guitarist who always seems to have the most fun dying his hair ^_^), and the super kawaii Jiro (waaa! Jiro-chan o dai sukiii! He plays bass--which of course puts him ahead in my books--as well as is too cute for his own good. He's also the youngest of the band). If you couldn't guess, I'm bonkers for them all, but especially Jiro and Hisashi. I dunno, maybe it's because they're the only ones who seem to do Visual Kei in the band anymore... (Visual Kei is... well, just look at the difference between those two and Teru and Takky-chan. It's pretty much a genre in Japan, kinda like shock-rockers and goths in America.) Well, for whatever reason, I love those two. Hence, I will post more pictures of them! Wuahaha!

Awww, I love it when they smile! They should smile more often!!!
Yeah, that's right, show those instruments who's boss!
Cute boys hard at work
Hisashi: Wow, Jiro! Playing the guitar is *FUN*! I love being a rock star!
Jiro: Me too, Hisashi. Me too...

(Sorry, couldn't help myself. ^_^)

One more JRocker before I go. This one's the ex-lead singer of MALICE MIZER, Camui Gackt!

When you're that cute, you've got no reason to be Mizerable! (gets pelted for bad pun)

Ahh, Gackt-sama is so incredibly kawaii. And his singing voice!!! Well, I've only heard all his solo work after MALICE MIZER, but Gackt-sama is one of the few men whose voice could make me swoon. It's so deep and rich... he's the only singer who makes me melt into a pile of so much love-sick girl when he croons. Especially when he sings bass... ohh goodness, I better stop. ^_^;

And before I go, I should mention some "old school" kawaii anime men of mine. You may or may not have seen the anime, but you've probably played the game.
Kayin and Eiji
It's Kayin and Eiji from the video game turned anime, Battle Arena Toshinden. Kayin is so ME-OW! Eiji's pretty cool too, if you're into guys with spiky hair and weirdo brothers. Tee hee!

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