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The Incredible Bob Shrine

This is a shrine to the two most incredible Bobs. Though they share a shrine, these two are very different. One is dead, one alive. One had an afro, one has kinda short hair. Etc., etc...
To you, Bobs, we pay homage.
............. ............. ............. ............... ...............

Bob Ross

We've all seen him. On some lazy afternoon when you're flipping through the channels and you happen to get the PBS station, where there is a middle aged white man with an afro to rival anyone of the Jackson Five's. He's painting some sort of nature scene, and all the while talking quietly and gently about happy bushes, lonely trees, and the squirrels he lives with. I quote, "If you've never lived with a squirrel, you've never lived." What a statement. His most famous mantra, the one that makes most people realize his wisdom, is "We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents" Simply beautiful. He had a great love for the other creatures on this earth, and preserved some of the world's beauty in his piantings. Rest in peace.

Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider.
Wow. I shook his hand; didn't wash it for three days......yeah right, thats disgusting. ewww. But he is very attractive. If you dont know this guy, well I pity you......but seriously folks, this is the lead singer of two fantastic (and interchangeable) bands in Austin, Texas, The Scabs and The Ugly Americans. They play Antone's (a rock/blues bar/club downtown)almost every Tuesday and Saturday night. Bob is so popular that if he walked out before the band was supposed to play, he would be mobbed.

Quick little side story:
We were at Antone's and right up next to the speaker and there was this hippie/biker chick and her boyfriend. They both had the obligitory long stringy hair and a couple of beers next to them. Anyway, she was sitting on the speaker, groovin to the music, eyes closed, completely into it, until my friends and I started "dancing" too. We were swaying back and forth with a little headbang/bouce, you know, doing the dance you do at concerts when you can't move an inch in any direction, and when she saw that we were getting into it, she increased her groovin, and it became this whole competition to see who could be more wild/crazy/hippie. It was pretty funny.......guess you just had to be there.......

I would put more info up here, but I would just be stealing it from an Austin Chronicle article I read, and thats not nice, so I'll just put a link up to it and you can check it out if you feel like it. I must say, I was impressed. Here is a picture I already stole from that article (sorry)

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