This is the site where the fanfiction of xandercordy1 lies. It is mostly X/S/A but there are going to be X/A and X/S stories as well. There is angst, death, romance, surprise and happiness (I hope), something for every reader that loves Xander and one or both of the vampires he does. This site is an adult site so all little kiddies must run away now...that doesn't mean us adults who act like children, just anyone under the age of 21. This site also features m/m sex so anyone repulsed by that needs to leave too, although I can't for the life of me see how anyone could be. Two gorgeous males (or three) together, yummy. Anyway, to each his own. For those of you who love these three guys, stick around and read something. I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Let me know. I live for feedback. The pictures on this site were made by Bob the Spaztastic Penguin, except of course for the pretty little baubles I have won, and my picture for Long Route which was made by the wonderful Sukiblue. If I have not credited someone for their work, please let me know and I will quickly fix that. Also, I have provided a link to Suki's fanfiction so please check out her stories, if you haven't already. They are great and I highly recommend them. What? You thought I just wrote fiction and didn't read it? I love reading it almost as much as writing it. *BG* All the characters in my stories (for the most part) belong to the great Joss Whedon and ME. No copyright infringement was meant, I just love to play with the boys. Also, any clips that were used for my videos are also Mr. Whedon's and ME. Most of them go along with my story "Long Route" but some are not and they can all stand alone. Well, onto the reading and watching of videos. Hope you enjoy!

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