Cathy's (aka xandercordy1) Stories

Cathy's (xandercordy1) Stories

This pretty little bauble was the first award I ever received. I didn't win in any category but Mistress Eve and her judges said my work was worth this very special award and I thank her and anyone else associated with the site from the bottom of my heart.

Remembering You

This is a very sad, sad story centering around Spike's last trip to his and Xander's apartment to pick up the pieces of his life. While he's there he remembers the love of his life...the good times and what happened to take Xander away from him. I'm told it's a three hanky story so be forewarned.

I'm proud to say that this story has been nominated at the Fangfetish Awards and last year placed runner up in two categories at the SunnyD Awards.

The Long Route To True Happiness

This story begins as a Xander/Lindsey story but segues into X/S/A. Xander accompanies Oz to L.A. to give him the Gem of Amara and while he's there he makes a shocking confession. When Angel forgives him he stays and forms a very close friendship with the vampire. When Spike finds them, love blossoms.

Amends, Friendships and Moving On

This story is set in season 3 starting with "Amends". Spike decides to come back to Sunnydale to see Angel instead of chasing Dru and while he's there helping Angel through his problems with the first, he falls in love with Xander.