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Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Each episode started out with the outerscope 1
segments. This featured 5 multi-cultured kids.
They decide to build a pretend spaceship. The
spaceship travels to different places where
people are different. One episode they meet
people who resemble cleaning products (Mr. Scrub)
& (Mrs. Polish) and on another planet they meet
talking fruit. This taught children that
even though people look different, they are still
the same. The other segments included "Make
A New Friend", "Story Telling Time", "Did you
know that long ago and once upon a time", "Real
People" and "Woody The Spoon", who would give
recipes from different parts of the world for
children to try with an adult. At the end was the
Luther, comic strip. The purpose of this show
is to teach kids about different people
around the world along with their customs and culture.

Produced by
Yanna Kroyt Brandt

Directed by
Douglas Cheek

James Earl Jones .... Long John Spoilsport
Kingman Hui
Bette Midler .... Woody The Spoon (voice)
Andrea McArdle .... Henry
Gordon G. .... Edgar

Runtime: USA:30 min (52 episodes)
Country: USA