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Jamie and the Magic Torch

Jamie and the Magic Torch

Scripts and narration: Brian Trueman
Music: Joe Griffiths

Every night, when his mom thinks he is asleep,
young Jamie and his faithful sheepdog Wordsworth
take a trip to the wonderful world of Cuckoo Land,
using the power of Jamie's amazing magic torch.

Series 1

1. Mr Boo Loses a Mountain
2. Nutmeg's House
3. Let There Be Music
4. Nutmeg's Box
5. The Runaway Trombonium
6. The Hair Stack
7. Sym-phoney
8. The Flying Rabbit
9. The Magician's Hat
10. The Wicked Wand
11. The House of Wellibob
12. National Wellibob Day
13. Spade-Work

Series 2

1.Hidden Persuasion
2.The Dirty Submachine
3.Yoo-Hoo Yeti
4.A Marrow Escape
5.A Policeman's Lot
6.The Frost World
7.Help Help
8.One Cloudy Day
9.The Downside Upper
10.Jeepers Creepers
11.The Unexpected Visitor
12.Big Magic
13.Jamie's Birthday Party