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Created by Joanne & Michael Cole
produced by Woodland Animations Ltd
music & lyrics: Bryan Daly
animation: Derek Mogford
film editor: Martin Bohan
sound: Clive Pendry
narration: Patricia Hayes

Animated by Ivor Wood's Woodland Animation,
this fun series featured Patricia Hayes
as the voice of a spritely Grandmother who was always
getting up to 'grand' grumbling
fun with her grandson Jim. Gran was an adventurous gal
and she indulged in a series of crazy hobbies
and activities like hang-gliding, extreme knitting and
keeping dangerous animals from the zoo. In 'Gran's Good
News' she even gets a starring role in a film,
as Sherrif Gran in a western called
'Gran Gets Her Man'. With all that energy and
enthusiasm our Gran made young Jim seem rather dull
by comparison - she really was a most surprising lady...

There are 13 episodes in the series
Gran's Old Bones
Gran Gliding
Gran Knits
Gran's Pets
Gran The Goalie
Gran's Gadgets
Gran's Good News
Gran's Bike
Gran The Camper
Gran's Rare Bird
Grandmother Clock
Gran's Goat