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Doctor Snuggles

Doctor Snuggles

Doctor Snuggles was a Dutch Cartoon, which may
explain why one of the episodes was cut cause it
was too drug related.
Thirteen half hour episodes were made since it started in 1980

Writing credits
Douglas Adams
Richard Carpenter writer
John Lloyd
Jeffrey O'Kelly creator

Cast (in alphabetical order)
John Challis .... (voice: English version)
Olwen Griffiths .... (voice: English version)
Klaus Höhne .... Uncle Bill (voice: German version)
(voice: German version) Ulli Philipp .... Knabber (voice: German version)
Peter Ustinov .... Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Elisabeth Wiedemann .... Frl. Reinlich (German version) (voice: German version)
Peter Ustinov is the voice of Dr. Snuggles, a good-natured
veterinarian who travels anywhere via his pogo
stick to care for animals. Ustinov also
supplied the voice of several other characters