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Gallery 12

Miscellaneous pics of Tony Becker.

Promo shot - For the Love of May

Tony and Alexandra Paul - taken from the official site for the film

Rensselaer County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Ceremony in Troy, New York

Tony speaking to two "Gold Star" Mothers after the ceremony - photo by Gail Bushnell, (c) 2000, Noonie Fortin

Waltons Reunion 2000

Tony with members of the Waltons cast and relatives of Waltons creator, Earl Hamner:

(rear, l - r) - Tony Becker, Diane Hamner, Bo Hamner and Audrey Hamner; (front, l - r) - Martha Nix-Wade (Serena Burton), Jon Walmsley (Jason Walton) and Lisa Harrison (Toni Hazleton) holding their daughter Brighton, Frances Payne; courtesy of

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