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Sniper Course coming soon!

Look for new pics!

A video soon!

Last Updated: Apr 25- 07

!Upcoming Ops!

NEXT OP IS SOON!!! Spring '07'!::Games are now 18+ w/WAIVERS or EMAIL for Permission


Due to the recent rain/wind storms, we're forced to go back and do some rebuilding. But since we're goin' to be doing that,we'll just rebuild bigger and better!

A new forum will be up soon. We hope that with a forum/board, we can expand the crowd that comes to the GEA events,and events locally in the New England Area. Expanding airsoft to its finest is our goal.

Until the GEA boards/Newest event is posted, please keep updated to your airsoft events and community by visint and

-------------PREVIOUS UPDATES-------------------

Sniper Course: Coming soon to qualify sniper rifles and DM rifles. Certain rules and patches will be awarded.

The Field is located in Swansea MA, very secluded,private owned,and everything is legit. So enjoy the days of war to come!
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