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Lisa from LA asks:
Q: "How did the ladies deal with their "woman's health" issues in the Outback?"
This is one area where the female Survivors didn't have to rough it. An assortment of feminine hygiene products were provided in each tribe's box of starting supplies.

Lance from Toronto asks:
Q: "What about Survivor SEX?"
Each tribe was also issued 12 condoms in their supply kit. According to an insider, there were a few missing by the conclusion of the show...

LadyBeth asks:
Q: "Why do they often spell each other's name wrong at Tribal Council?"
As in the last Survivor, the contestants didn't ask how to spell each other's names for fear of giving away their Tribal Council vote.

Al and captLG1 ask:
Q: "How can we apply for Survivor 3?"
Applications now being accepted! Go to Survivor 3.

Jerry from New York City ask:
Q: "Will Survivor ever allow for contestants with disabilities?"
Because the whole theme of Survivor involves rigorous outdoor activity in secluded places, producers "regret the show is not suitable or safe for most disabled persons."

Brandon from Seattle, WA asks:
Q: "Where did the Survivors go to the bathroom?"
Each tribe had to dig their own toilet pit in the bushes, a safe distance from camp. No toilet paper was issued so they used leaves or other improvised items.


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