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Unfinished Fic:

Summary: takes place after episode 509 (Hotel New Hampshire) and 505 (Four Scary Stories/A Winter Chill). It's sort of a different version of what happens when Dawson and Jen get back instead of An Appetite for Destruction, but it's not just a "my version of the episode" fic. Some of the things going on go back to the beginning of season 5. The title refers to the conversation Dawson and Joey had in the kitchen in An Appetite for Destruction (510) but it'll be completely different in this fic.

Summary: this takes into account season 4, and is an "alternate season 5."

Finished Fic:

I'll Know
Summary: This story is based on the song "When I Get
There" by Dream. The two main characters' names aren't mentioned until the end. So guess who they are! 

Life's Moments
Summary: A short and sweet fic that place Pacey and Joey
at the age of 68.

Spend My Life With You
Summary: I really like the idea of this one, but after re-reading it recently, I'm thinking of revising it some time. Well, for
now, it'll stay this way. It's a future fic of Pacey and Joey based on the song Spend My Life With You by Eric Benet
and Tamia.

The Family Woman
Summary: I began this before I saw the movie The Family
Man but after a couple chapters, it takes after the movie
more because I saw it. This is another future fic, and it
was also my first attempt at writing.

The Graduate
Summary: This is my version of the Dawson's Creek episode The Graduate. I wasn't satisfied with the one the writers came up with at all, so this is mine.

We're a Miracle
Summary: Once again, this is a future fic. I think I have a preference for these so I can get away from some of the stuff that's happened on the show (i.e. Coda). This is set at Capeside High's five year reunion.

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Dawson's Creek:

P/Jo currently not acknowledging
their relationship except for a few
witty quips here and there

Pacey Witter:
currently dating Audrey, Joey's
Worthington roommate

Joey Potter:
currently single




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