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Episode 1.13



Frank Coghlan Jr's cameo in this episode happened pretty much by accident! In an interview with P.C. Hamerlinck in FCA, Coghlan revealed that Arthur Nadel, who was the director of this episode, visited the Los Angeles Zoo (where he was the PR director) asking to arrange a time to use the zoo for location filming. When Coghlan mentioned that he played Billy Batson in the 1940s "Adventures of Captain Marvel" serial, Nadel couldn't believe his ears and promptly had a part specially written so that Coghlan could appear.


Steve Gustafson (Alan)
is perhaps best known for being a member of the Short Circus on the popular PBS series The Electric Company. His small handful of acting credits also includes The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, a sort of horror movie that was rerun on the Sci-Fi Channel in recent years.

Sean Kelly (Tim) appears to have been active on television only in the 1970s. Some of his credits include guest shots on such shows as Land of the Giants, Brady Bunch, Marcus Welby M.D., Adam-12 and Emergency! He also was in a couple of TV movies as well as the big-screen film "The Cowboys," as well as the short-lived TV series that followed a few years later.

The career of Gary Dubin (Mitch) stretches from the 1960s to the present. He turned in a host of guest appearances on Partridge Family as Punky Lazaar, and guested on several other shows, including Family Affair, Green Acres, Land of the Lost, Mannix, CHiPs, Vega$, V, Beverly Hills 90210 and Power Rangers. In addition to being a regular on the TV series Bracken's World, Gary appeared in such big-screen movies as "Splendor in the Grass", "Jaws 2", "Pump Up the Volume", "Fallout" and in 2003, "Fake Stacy."

Kerri Shuttleton (Debbie) made a small handful of other TV and movie appearances while still a teen, including an episode of All in the Family and the movies "What's the Matter With Helen", "Hickey and Boggs" and "I Love You, Goodbye." There is no record of any acting credits for her after 1974.

Scott Garrett (Jerry) acted in TV and movies up until 1980. Some of his other credits include Family Affair (playing two different characters in four episodes), Adam-12 and Little House on the Prairie. His movies include "Watermelon Man", "Magic" and the coming-of-age picture, "Foxes".

Frank Coghlan, Jr. (zookeeper) got his showbiz start in silent movies as an extra at age 3. He soon because a popular child actor, but the coming of "talkies" (and his adolescence) reduced him to getting smaller roles. After a career landmark starring as Billy Batson in the "Adventures of Captain Marvel" serial, Coghlan went off to participate in World War II as an aviator. While with the military, he acted as a liaison between the Navy and the Hollywood studios. After the War, he decided to stay in the military and upon retirement in 1965, he has since returned to TV and movies, wrote an autobiography, did commercials, appeared on game shows like Scrabble and Wheel of Fortune and still made many movie convention appearances (for his Billy Batson role) up into his 80s.

Although he officially retired from acting in 1969, a call from Filmation Studios led him back out one last time to appear in this episode of Shazam! so that fans would be able to see the two Billy Batsons meet face to face.