***LOVE AND WAR 3***

Author: Amy Hugh
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: AU fic, Anter and Anterra are twin planets. The pod squad is on Anter and the rest are on Anterra. (On Anttera) Liz is like Max, Maria like Michael, Kyle like Tess, and Alex like Isabell!!!
Disclaimers: I don’t own anything from Roswell although I wish I could claim Michael lol. I don't own the songs either.
Spoilers: none
Pairing: CC but mostly M&M
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Author's note: Thanks Mirax for the challenge, I’ll try my best!!! Oh and please leave me comments, I love comments and please honestly.
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AU -- Conventional Couples
Plays on Antar/Anterra
Antar and Anterra are twin Planets
The pod squad rules over Antar while the others rule over Anterra
They are all the same race
I would like to see Maria as Military Commander, you know like Michael on Antar.
With Liz in Max’s position, Alex in Isabel’s, Kyle in Tess’s. But you can handle that all you want.
It’s up to you if they are enemies or Allies.


The following morning Maria woke up with Michael’s arms wrapped around, holding her close. She turned around in his arms so that she was now facing him. She was surprised to see that he was awake.

“Morning,” Maria said with a smile on her face. “Morning,” Michael replied. He kissed her slowly and softly but soon things heated up. Michael moaned as Maria traced kisses down his neck. His hands which where still wrapped around her waist slowing started to move up her T-shirt.

Michael rolled them over so that he was now on top of her. His hands kept traveling up slowly, as to ask for permission. Maria moaned, and drew him closer, deepening the kiss.

“Maria?” Max said knocking on the door. “Just ignore him,” Michael said. “I can’t,” Maria said pulling away from, as much as she could. Michael sighed but rolled off of her. Maria walked out of the room closing the door, so Max wouldn’t see Michael.

Maria answered the door, “Hey Max. What’s up?” She asked stepping back to let him in. “Have you seen, Michael,” Max asked, “I need to talk to him about tomorrow.” “No,” Maria said hoping he’d buy it, “Haven’t seen him since last night.” “Oh ok,” Max replied, “If you see him can you tell him I need to talk to him?” “Yeah, sure,” Maria answered. “Thanks,” Max said walking towered the door, “talk to you later.”

When Max shut the door, Michael came out the bedroom. “I’ll make breakfast,” Michael said kissing her on the cheek. “Then I’ll go see what Max wants.”

Maria watched as Michael started to cook breakfast. He looked so cute cooking her breakfast. His cloths where all wrinkled from sleeping in them, as where hers.

“Need any help,” Maria asked polity. “Nope, I got it,” Michael replied. “Ok then,” Maria replied, “I’m going to go take a shower.”

When Maria came back out Michael was almost done. She helped out by setting the table. She was wearing red tank top with blue jeans. Her hair was still wet from the shower.

Michael watched her set the table and smiled. He loved her so much and yet he was going to have to say good-bye tomorrow morning. Even if they did defeat Kivar, they still couldn’t be together.

One thing was for sure though no matter what he wouldn’t let anybody hurt or take her away from him. He was going to protect her and be there for her. She was his world and all he could do is watch himself fall deeper and deeper in love with her.

They ate breakfast in a comfortable silence. Both just content with being with each other. Words just weren’t needed.

After they cleaned the dishes, Maria walked Michael to the door. “Bye,” Michael said softly. “Bye,” Maria replied capturing his lips with hers. Michael moaned and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss.

They pulled part to catch their breath. “I love you,” Maria whispered. “I love you too,” Michael said which trailing kisses down her neck. He pulled away from her; “I have to go.” Michael gave her one last passionate kiss and was out the door.


As Michael walked down the hall towered Max’s room. He couldn’t help but think of Maria. He knew they where moving fast but it just felt right, he couldn’t explain it. He knew with out a doubt that Maria was the one for him. He meant for her and she for him.

He knocked on the door, and Max answered, he moved back to let Michael through. “So where have you been?” Max asked curiously. “Out,” Michael replied not giving a reason. Max rolled his eyes realizing that he wasn’t going to get a whole answer.

Max sat down beside Michael on the couch. “So I just wanted to talk to you about tomorrow.” “Yeah,” Michael asked, “what about it?”

“I just wanted to tell you that I know you will do a good job and get it done right. I have so much faith in you because I know, the real you. I just want you to be careful, you’re like a bother to me and I love you. We may not be family by blood but we are in so many other ways,” Max said.

Michael felt uncomfortable in the situation but hugged Max. He felt the same way he just wasn’t very good at voicing his feeling. That’s why he tried so hard to show them through his action but even sometimes that didn’t work.

“I’ll miss you to Max,” Michael replied in a whisper. He stepped back and looked at his bother and realized that he was scared but not for himself. He was scared for Maria and him.

Michael realized just then that this might not work out, that Kivar could win. That he could just be lending his men into a blood bath but he knew no matter what that the war had to happen. He swore right then to protect his men and make sure Maria was protected as much as she could be.

The only problem was that Maria didn’t know any more then he did. So if he missed up it could cost her life. She was going to be on her own, without him around, to take of her. All he could do is pray that she would be ok, that things would work out for the better.

“Michael?” Max asked waving his hand in front of his face. “Huh?” Michael asked shaking his thoughts out of his head. “Are you ok?” Max asked worried about him. “I’m fine, nothings going to happen to me,” Michael replied.

“So tomorrow at 3a.m. huh?” Max asked still worried. “Yeah,” Michael replied, “We’re ready.” Max nodded his head and handed and package to Michael. Michael took it and looked inside to find Maria and his dog tags. He placed Maria’s in his pocket and put his around his neck. “I wish you the best,” Max said with complete faith showing in his eyes.


Later that day, Michael was walking down the hall, back towered his bedroom for the night. He saw Maria as she walked out of her room; Michael wrapped his arms around from behind her. He kissed her neck, causing Maria to moan.

Maria smiled and turned around in his arms. She kissed him while looping her arms around his waist. Michael walked her back against the door, deepening the kiss. Michael moaned into her mouth, as Maria sucked his lower lip into her mouth.

Michael’s hands made there way under her shirt, he moved slow as if asking for permeation. Maria moaned, Michael took that is yes. She hands also find there way under his shirt.

“Bedroom,” Maria said as she wrapped her legs around Michael’s waist. “Good idea,” Michael said but he didn’t have the key to Maria’s room so he walked then across the hall and opened his door. He walked them back into his bedroom as Maria trailed kisses down his neck.

He laid her down on the bed and then he joined her down on his bed. Maria undid the buttons of his shirt. Michael pulled back from her; he saw a look of hurt flash across her face. “Are you sure?” Michael asked looking her in the eyes.

Maria smile at him, “I’m positive.” She linked her fingers through the dog tags, that he was still wear, She tugged gently pulling his down to meet her. She kissed him with as all the passion in her.
The next morning Michael woke up to knocking on his door. He detangled himself from Maria. He yelled and put on his pants, before he opened the door. He opened to see Sean, one of Maria’s soldiers, at the door. “Sorry for waking you,” Sean said, “but was told to wake you and Maria. Which Maria wouldn’t wake up to the knocking.” Michael nodded his head, “Thanks. I’ll try to wake up Maria.”

Sean seemed to buy it because he turned and left. Michael sighed he wasn’t looking forward to today. He shut the door; he just wasn’t ready to say good-bye. He walked back into his bedroom to wake up Maria.

“Maria,” Michael said gently shaking her. She just groaned and rolled over, Michael smile at how beautiful she looked laying in his bed with nothing on. Michael shook his thoughts out of his head. They had to unfortunately get up; he gently shook Maria again.

“What?” Maria asked turning to him but not opening her eyes. “We have to get up, we have get ready to leave for Kayrock,” Michael answered her. Maria sighed but opened her eyes and stretched. Michael held back a moan as the sheets where pulled down Maria’s body. “I’ll make us breakfast,” Michael said.


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