***LOVE AND WAR 4***

Author: Amy Hugh
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: AU fic, Anter and Anterra are twin planets. The pod squad is on Anter and the rest are on Anterra. (On Anttera) Liz is like Max, Maria like Michael, Kyle like Tess, and Alex like Isabell!!!
Disclaimers: I don’t own anything from Roswell although I wish I could claim Michael lol. I don't own the songs either.
Spoilers: none
Pairing: CC but mostly M&M
Distribution: You want to you can take it but please give me create for it.
Author's note: Thanks Mirax for the challenge, I’ll try my best!!! Oh and please leave me comments, I love comments and please honestly.
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AU -- Conventional Couples
Plays on Antar/Anterra
Antar and Anterra are twin Planets
The pod squad rules over Antar while the others rule over Anterra
They are all the same race
I would like to see Maria as Military Commander, you know like Michael on Antar.
With Liz in Max’s position, Alex in Isabel’s, Kyle in Tess’s. But you can handle that all you want.
It’s up to you if they are enemies or Allies.


Michael pulled Maria into a near by closet as she walked down the hall. They where sub post to be meeting both armies outside to leave. He shut the door behind her; he kissed her passionately.

“Love you,” Maria whispered in his ear. “I love you too,” Michael said holding her close. He didn’t want to move but he knew that they couldn’t stay like this forever. There was a war waiting for them to fight.

Michael kissed her on the forehead, “Before careful.” “Ditto,” Maria replied softly. Water gathered in her eyes but she refused to cry.

Michael kissed her softly, savoring the taste and feel of her. He tasted salt on her lips from Maria’s tears. He pulled her closer, and deepened the kiss.

When they pulled apart from the lack of air. Michael wiped away her tears with the pads of his thumbs. Maria smiled through her tears and turned her face into the palm of his hand.

Eventually they left the closet and headed down to the front of the castle. Where they found two planes waiting for them. The two teams had already split up and where on the right planes.

The one plane, that had Michael’s team on it, was headed for North Kayrock. The other plane, with Maria’s team, was headed to South Kayrock. Michael watched as Maria boarded her plane.

It took them about three hours to reach South Kayrock. Maria and her team unloaded and started to pack their stuff in their army tanks. Maria and Sean where in front with the rest of the team behind them because Maria was the leader and Sean was the one who study the map. Maria did look at the map but she figured out along time ago that Sean was better at that then she was.

The planet was mostly sandy and sand storms weren’t uncommon. For this reason they drove fairly slow, not wanting someone to get lost and left behind. Maria was driving and Sean was in the passenger seat giving her directions.

Maria’s cell phone rang and she picked it up. She smiled as she heard the voice on the other line. “Is everybody off the plane,” Came Michael’s voice. “Yeah,” Maria replied, “We’re in our tanks headed towards the capital city. Has your plane landed yet?” “Yeah,” Michael answered, “We just landed and getting ready to start heading for the capital. Let me….” Maria didn’t hear the rest of what Michael was saying due the cell phone was out of range.

She slipped the phone back into her jacket and tried to ignore Sean’s confused look. “Why was Michael calling you?” Sean asked curiously. “To see if we landed and if everything was alright,” Maria replied. “Oh,” Sean said, “but you’re the leader too. Why would he be worried its not like you can’t take care of yourself?” “He just wanted to know,” Maria said annoyed with Sean.

She was just happy he called; it was great just to hear his voice and know that he was ok. She knew that Michael was just worried about her because he loved her. Michael knew that she could take care of herself.


About a week later Maria and her team where making good mileage. They where about four days away from the capital, they had come across many civilians and a few enemies, but they know it wasn’t going to be easy once they reached the capital.

The first day that they had been there some pilots of the army had dropped bombs all major government buildings. Maria had feeling though, that some how Kivar and Nicholas had escaped those bombs.

After Sean crawled out of the top, Maria followed. “Sean I want you to go with Greg and David,” Maria said pointing to the tank right behind them. Sean who still looked confused just nodded and followed orders. “Also, I want everyone to stay here while I check out if going rights is ok and I want David, Greg and you to check left,” Maria said handing him her cell phone.

Maria jumped inside the tank she and Sean had been in minutes ago. She started the engine and headed right. She road down the sandy desert when she came along this small city in the middle of nowhere, the place looked like it had long been deserted.

She road down street after street finding no one anywhere, till she turned down one street and saw Nicholas and his army in front of her. “Shit!” Maria cursed. She threw the tank in reverse and started to back out, when she saw that his army had surrounded her.

Maria put the tank in park, when Nicholas raised his hand. She recognized Nicholas from one of the pictures in the books she was reading. She knew that he was very good at using his powers and wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

“Come out there,” Nicholas shouted. Maria nodded her head yes, indicating that she would. She knew that there was no way she could defeat them without the rest of her team.

She headed out of the tank, and walked towered Nicholas. She held her hands behind her back, palm up towered the tank, she concentrated and blow up the tank she was just in. You learned in military school that you never want to leave something of yours, for them to take. She force of the explosion knocked her off her feet.

Maria groaned as she pushed herself up and onto her feet. She got lucky and didn’t have anything broken, just scratches. Maria turned around to see Nicholas right behind her. Nicholas grab her but Maria fight back.

Eventually it took three strong men to hold Maria still enough for Nicholas to snap the handcuffs on her. Nicholas pulled her roughly around to face him. “Your going to wish you didn’t do that,” Nicholas whispered in her ear. She felt him injected something into her arm. Maria felt a shiver of fear run down her back.

Maria refused to let down her guard; she wasn’t going to let Nicholas in on anything. They may have captured the enemy but she refused to tell him one thing, no matter how little. She didn’t want to cost any more lives then she had to.

Nicholas shoved her into a car and got into the driver’s seat. Maria looked out the window searching for clues of where they where taking her. She was so tired though that eventually she fell into a light sleep.


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