***FAMILY 3!!!***

Author: April H.

Rating: not rated yet

Summary:Everyone is interested in this new girl but who is she?

Disclaimer: I don't own them


"Hello earth to Maria." Michael was getting impatient with his girlfriend, so finally he turned around to see what she was staring at. "What it's just a girl Maria, What so fascinating..." he stopped in dead sentence when he saw the look on Liz's face and her turning to Michael and Maria. "Michael, she it's uncanny I mean she's better groomed and well you know probably better behaved but she looks like she could be...no that's not possible" Maria said turning her attention to Michael. "MICHAEL, You Who, earth to Michael." At this point Maria took a piece of ice and shot it down Michael's shirt. "MARIA, why the hell did you do that?" Michael's face looked like it was about to start steaming and it looked like it was almost time to pull out the popcorn and settle in for another episode of Michael and Maria. Better than pro wrestling!

"Michael Guerin?" Liz said as calmly as she could. But the shaking in her voice and her constant staring at Michael and Maria gave her away. "Yes, is that him over there?" The girl was very warm and polite when she asked but she already sensed that she was making the poor waitress nervous. "Um, who are you?" Liz prayed that it didn't sound as rude as she thought it did when it came out. "Oh, well um, I guess, I uh..." As the girl was trying to deiced whether or not to give her name Kyle Valenti came through the doors. "Parker can I get a coke and some fries, I have to study for this killer mid-term." The girl just couldn't keep her eyes off of Kyle, he was about 5 10 built, brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. But it was the next two people to walk through the door that snapped her out of this trance. "Max, you don't have to apologize anymore it's all right!" the girl who had come in with Max looked like she would kill the next person who said sorry. "Ok I'll stop. Geeze." He said as he playfully punched her arm. "Hey Liz" they both said in unison. Liz said hello back as the two passed to go and sit with Kyle, Michael, and Maria. "Zan..." the girl said just loud enough for Liz to hear. "What did you just say?" at this point Liz was white and Max who had been staring at her since he sat down began to notice. "What's going on over there?" he whispered to Michael who was in his own world staring at the girl. "Yeah, who's the new hottie, you know I saw her registering for school today but after she was done she just left didn't go to any of her classes." Kyle pointed out but of course Maria finally blurted out the obvious "What's wrong with Liz?" Just then everyone focused their attention to Liz who had just sat down in booth and looked as if she had died...

"Alex, what did she do?" Isabel was crying but trying to remain focused. She took Alex's hand and led him to the bed to sit down. "It was Tess, she made me..." he trailed off as Isabel put her arm on his back and began rubbing. " I know Alex, it's going to be ok." She was going to kill Tess if it was the last thing she'd ever do. How could she have done this to Alex? Isabel's loyal loving and handsome boyfriend?" "Why would anyone..." her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Alex "Who are these people? Why are all these pictures everywhere?" He began to look around his room and then right in front of Isabel he passed out. "ALEX, ALEX answer me damn it!" she tried to stay quite for fear of alerting his parents but she couldn't hold it in and the tears ran down like streams in the forest. " It's going to be ok Max will heal you it's going to be ok." She kept repeating this hoping Alex could hear her.


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