***FAMILY 4!!!***

Author: April H.

Rating: not rated yet

Summary:Alex is in danger and the only one who knows how to save him is the new girl.

Disclaimer: I don't own them


“Zan?” The girl just kept thinking to herself as Liz sat herself down. Liz looked down at her hands and then under her breath asked, “ Who are you?” It wasn’t that the girl didn’t want to answer it was just that she thought her brother should be the first to know. “I, um...” the girl began to start and then she dropped. Liz yelped and looked at Max who was already running over to the table to see what was wrong. “We need to get her in the backroom.” Max was already taking control of the situation carrying the lifeless body to the back room behind the Crashdown. “Max, I was just talking to her and she dropped. There’s something else... Max she knows you, when you walked in she called you Zan.” Liz looked at the girl who was now turning pale and gently placed her hand on hers. “Well Maxwell, we need to do something I mean what if she’s a skin, FBI, or some other alien enemy we don’t know about?” Michael was always the first to jump to the conclusion some one was the enemy. “Michael, she asked for you” Liz stated quietly. “Alex...in trouble... mind...” just as they all began to set their attention to the moaning the girl was creating, she shot up “MAX! ALEX... ISABEL!” With this she stopped looked around and found the set of blue eyes she had been gazing into earlier. “Who are you?” Kyle said half questioning and half concerned. “ I need to speak to Zan... I mean Max and Michael.” Just then the images flooded her again. Isabel in a room with a boy named Alex, she was crying to the point her bones ached. Just then the girl saw the reason for this pain inside her head. “NO!” was all she could manage before Michael grabbed her and shook her. “Snap out of it. Who are you? What are you?” He kept yelling. The girl was crying at this point and Monica came over and put her arm around her. “It’s going to be ok, just tell us who you are. We won’t hurt you I promise.” Monica was a strong soul and she was always kind to everyone. “I can’t tell you anything now... Max, Alex its Alex he’s ... he needs your help. “What are you talking about?” Maria blurted out rather rudely. Just then Max’s cell phone rang. “Izzy, calm down... Alex what?” Max turned to the girl and she read his thought. “My name is April, I am Michael’s sister.” She said sheepishly as she was looking at Michael. “I don’t have time to explain right now, your friend is in trouble... you have the healing stones right? Cuz, we are going to need those. Alex is very sick and we are the only ones who can help him.” April said commandingly and everyone just followed what she said. “I should call Tess.” Max was beginning to dial the digits when April flicked her hand and sent Max’s cell phone across the room breaking it into a thousand pieces. “You can’t call her Max, and I’ll fix your phone later.” April got up and began to walk out. “ Who the Hell do you think....” Max began. April turned around and looked Max in the eye and said, “ Don’t question me Zan.” She continued to walk as everyone slowly walked behind her. Who was she and why did she have authority like Max?


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