***FAMILY 2!!!***

Author: April H.

Rating: not rated yet


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Isabel climbed through Alex's window just before he was out his bedroom door. "Alex!" She half shrieked half cried. "Isabel? Is that really you or are you not real too?" Alex replied with a whimper. Isabel stepped closer to touch Alex but she stopped dead in her tracks. Alex was drenched in sweat, his eyes were bloodshot and he was unbelievably shaky. "Alex what's wrong, what is it honey?" She said in a whisper. Alex just kept repeating, " She sent me to decode that book, she took away everything." At this point Isabel had sat down on his bed closed her eyes and went into Alex's mind. Suddenly she snapped out of it and looked at Alex "No!" was all she could manage out of her mouth.

Back at the Crashdown the girl Liz had been staring at finally waved her over. Liz calmly walked over and smiled "What can I get you?" she said her voice soft and yet uncertain at the same time. "I am looking for someone actually, he is a local here, and at least he was when I last checked." The girl said with a little chuckle. Liz couldn't help but smile at the warmth she could feel the girl giving off. A vibrator just like Maria said about Michael Liz thought. "Well maybe I can help most of the locals eat here and I practically know everyone in town, who is the person you are looking for?" Liz was anxious to know but the answer she was about to get from the girl was about to change Liz's view of the girl forever.

" I love this movie, thank you so much Max this means a lot to me." Tess replied as she snuggled up to Max. " Well I figured since we are together now we should do something just the two of us and I remember you saying that this was your favorite movie." Max said this as his mind couldn't help but wander to Liz. He loved Liz with all of his heart and soul but she didn't want him she made that obvious when she slept with Kyle. Still the whole incident didn't feel right to him, as if there were no truth in the whole scheme of things.

KNOCK KNOCK! Max shook off his thoughts got up from the couch and went to answer the door. "Max, it's Monica open up." Monica was one of the more recent groupies to be let in on the secret. She was a close friend of Liz's and was hanging out with her, Max and Michael when she was almost hit by a car until a mysterious force pushed her out of the way. She was a sweet person and everyone's friend. She never pushed the topic too far until she found Liz's journal at Michael's when she had gone to bring him the car to barrow. She thought it was Michael's sketch book but what she read she kept to herself until she was able to talk to Max, Isabel and Michael. It came as a shock to all of them but in the end they knew she would keep their secret safe. "Hey Monica what's up?" Max couldn't understand what she was doing at the house she hardly ever came over and when she did it use to be with Liz. "Max, you were suppose to meet me at the Crashdown an hour ago so we could study for our history mid-term." "Oh, shit I completely forgot, I am so sorry Mon." Max had as much sympathy as a puppy dog when he said this. "Max, baby, who's at the door?" Just then Monica realized what had been keeping Max it was Tess. " Oh hi, how are you Monica?" Tess said as she wrapped her hand around Max's arm. "Well I can see you're busy Max, I'll just wait till Maria gets off her shift and she can help me out." Monica didn't have to look so upset at the fact that Max had forgotten about everyone else since him and Tess got together but this was the last straw. "MAX! Can I speak to you alone?" As she said this she shot a cold glare at Tess. "Um, Sure yeah, Uh Tess will you excuse us?" Max knew it he was in the doghouse this was the third time he had forgotten a study session and he knew that Monica was getting impatient. "Max I want you to meet me at the Crashdown in 20 minutes we need to talk and DON'T I repeat DON'T bring Tess." Max nodded his head and Monica walked over to her car got in and sped off. " I am really in for it." Max said to himself.


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