Title: Concrete Angle

Author: Amy Hugh

Disclaimer: I don't own them, songs by Martina McBride. The song has been changed a little to fit the story.

Summary: Amy starts dating a guy that's abusive to Maria.


Michael put his hand over one of the cuts. Then he shook his head, "I can't. I can't take that kind of risk, not with you." Michael ran over to the phone and called Max telling him to get over to Maria's and fast. Max arrived about five minutes later, Michael opened the door as Max, Isabell, and Tess walked through the door. "You got to help her Max," Michael said practially begging him. Max saw Maria setting against the couch with tears running down her face. She never took her eyes off her mom who was unconscious on the floor beside her. Max put his hand to the wound and made the connection.

Maria and Michael kissing for the first time, in the Crashdown.
Michael crying in Maria's arms the night after Hank beat him up.
Liz telling Maria and Alex about their destiny.
Maria wiping a tear from her face as she looked at a picture of her and Michael.
Steve undoing the belt of his pants and using it to hit Maria.
Michael kissing Maria and then pulling up her shirt to see the bruises.
Steve sliding the knife across her body, just enough to draw blood.
*Flash back*

When Max opened his eyes he felt the wetness on his face and knew that he had been crying. "Thanks," Maria gave a small smile and crawled over to her mom. "Mom?" Maria asked tears forming in her eyes again. Amy opened her eyes and blinked. "Oh god mom," Maria gave her a hug. "I fine Maria, really," Amy replied as Maria pulled back. Amy's eyes spotted Steve against the wall. "What happened," Amy asked. Maria followed her mom's eyes to Steve. "Oh that," Maria said, "Michael knocked him out."

Maria realized that Michael wasn't in the room and heard his voice in the kitchen. Maria hugged her mom once more then walked into the kitchen to see Michael talking on the phone. Maria heard him giving her address. Michael pulled her into a hug and kissed her on the forehead. "Yes. Ok thank you," Michael said into the phone. Then he placed it back on the hook. "Who was that?" Maria asked. "The police, they're coming to get Steve," he answered.

Michael and Maria walked back into the living room. Where Max, Isabell, and Tess were. "Where did my mom go?" Maria asked. "She went up stairs," Isabell answered. Maria nodded her head and set down on the couch, Michael followed suit. Michael put him arm around Maria. "Oh Nesado's going to love this," Tess said. "Hope you're up to death, Michael." Maria snuggled closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Enough, Tess. This has gone too far. This destiny thing isn't working out for any of us. Where stronger when we're with Maria, Alex, and Liz, our love for each other makes us stronger," Max said.

"Fine then," Tess said, "You just wait till Nesado finds out about this."

[Sequal: Blood shed tears]
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