Author: Amy Hugh

Rating: Light R

Summery: Sequel to Concrete Angel!!! Nesado makes Michael's worst fear come true. He gives Michael a power he can't control that ends up hurting Maria!!! Maria has a surprise though.

Disclaimer: I don't know own anything Roswell unfortunately.


After the police had their reports, Maria walked upstairs to check on her mom. She opened Amy's bedroom door and smiled when she saw that her mom was sound a sleep. She closed the door as soundlessly as possible.

She walked back down the stairs to see Michael setting on the couch and flipping through channels on the TV. She went over and sat down beside him. Michael slipped his arm around her waist and she snuggled up close to him.

"I'm going to stay here with my mom tonight but I'll see you tomorrow. Ok?" Maria said. "Ok," Michael said giving her a quick kiss. "See you tomorrow," Michael said slipping out the door.

Beep, Beep, Beep. Maria slammed her hand down on her alarm clock, turning it off. She groaned as she threw her warm blankets off and shivered when the cold air hit her. She walked into the bathroom and proceeded to get ready for school.

Maria walked through the double doors into West Roswell High. She opened her locker and took out her first and second period books. A smile formed on her face as Michael rapped his arms around her waist. "Hey," She whispered. "Hey," Michael breathed in her ear. "So meet me later," Michael stated rather then asked. Michael kissed her on the cheek and walked off.

The day went by so slow. Her last three periods where so boring, but Maria smiled as she headed to the easer room. As soon as she closed the door, Michael grabbed her and pulled her roughly to him. His lips crashed down on hers with a bruising, passionate kiss. "Michael," Maria moaned huskily while tangling her fingers in his hair. She didn't want to stop him, she couldn't. He broke the kiss and looked down at her.

"Let's go to my apartment," Michael suggested stepping back. Maria winced a little at lose at contact, with him. She nodded her answer to him and slipped out the door.

Maria ran down the stairs and toward the schools doors. When she heard someone calling her name. Maria sighed and turned around to see Isabell. "Grrr," Maria thought.

Isabell walked up to Maria and furrowed her eyebrows together. "Are you ok?" Isabell asked obviously confused. "Everything's fine Iz. Just not feeling well so I'll see ya later. Bye- bye," Maria said and was out the door before Isabell could reply.

Maria got to Michael's apartment before he did. She used the key he'd given her to let herself in. She closed the door behind her and started to pace the room impatiently.

Maria's head snapped up as she heard the doorknob turn. Michael walked through the door and closed it. He never took his eyes off Maria.

Michael backed her up against the wall, pressing his body against hers. Michael took her mouth in a passionate kiss. He lifted her up so she had no choice but to rap her legs around his waist. Maria sighed as he leaned down to suck on her neck, marking her as his.

Maria grinded her hips against his. Michael groaned as he tore his mouth away from hers. "We should stop," Michael said before he lost all his control. "Michael," Maria said, "I want to, I want this." "Are you sure," Michael asked knowing once he started he wouldn't be able to stop. "Positive," Maria answered truthfully.

The next morning Maria woke up from the best sleep she'd ever had. She smiled as she looked at Michael. He was still asleep but it seemed like all the worries in during the day just disappeared when he slept. Maria looked at the clock and cursed. She gently shook Michael a wake.

"What?" Michael groaned not opening his eyes. "We're late for school," Maria answered. "So," Michael said starting to drift back to sleep. "Michael," Maria said, "Come on." "Fine," Michael said obviously not happy about it. He opened his eyes to see Maria closing the bathroom door.

Michael got up and started breakfast. It was done by the time Maria came in the kitchen. "Girls," Michael thought shaking his head.

He turned to see Maria and his breath caught in his throat. She looked beautiful. She was dressed in jean shorts and a white tank top that tied right above her belly button. Her hair was wet from the shower. He was pretty sure if he told her she looked beautiful she wouldn't agree, so he kept his mouth shut.

Maria walked over to him and kissed him. "Breakfast is ready," Michael said. "Smells good," Maria replied.

Once they where ready they walked out of his apartment to see Nesado. "Hey, Michael," Nesado said putting his hand on Michael's arm. Michael felt power surged through his body. "What did you do?" Michael asked. "Something that will help you in the long run," Nesado replied and then just walked off.

They decided to take Maria's car rather then Michael's motorcycle. "What happened?" Maria asked once they got in the car. "I think he gave me some kind of power," Michael replied.

Michael walked Maria to her first period class. Michael caressed her cheek and gave her a sweet kiss. Maria pulled back though. Michael looked in her eyes to see tears forming in her eyes. Then he noticed that her skin was slightly burned from where his hand had been.

"Shit," Michael cursed. "What?" Maria asked. "Nesado," Michael replied still in shock. "What? Michael you're not making any sense," Maria said. "Come with me and I'll show you," Michael said.

Maria followed him into the girl's bathroom. "Look," Michael said pointing to the mirror. Maria gasped at what she saw. Her hand went to her check. "That's the power Nesado gave me," Michael stated sadly.

They waited outside Max and Liz's Biology class for the bell to ring. When it rang Max and Liz came out. "What's wrong," Max asked when he saw Maria with tears running down her face. "We need to talk," Michael said to them.

Twenty minutes and everybody was at the Crashdown including Isabell, Alex, and Tess. "What's wrong," Iz asked. "Show them, Maria," Michael said. Maria dropped her hand that had been covering her face the whole time. "What happened," Liz gasped. "When I touched her…. that's what happened," Michael forced out.

"Nesado," Tess whispered but Michael heard her. "You told him didn't you," Michael yelled, "That's why he did it." Michael let his anger get the best of him and had Tess against the wall in two seconds flat.

"I'm sorry, Michael," Tess said struggling to get out of his grip. "Michael," Max said softly, "I know your upset but let her go." Michael reluctantly loosened his grip and lowered her to the ground. "Thanks, Max," Tess smiled. "Shut up," Max snapped. "We're going to see Nesado," Max said.

When everybody arrived at Nesado's they hesitated before knocking. Nesado opened the door and signaled for them to come through.

"Well it didn't take you as long as I though it would," Nesado said. "Why," Michael asked, "Why did you give me that power?" "In case you've forgotten your sub post to be with Isabell, not Maria. She's a human! So I thought the one way to get you to be with Isabell was for your worst fear to come true," Nesado replied. Michael just glared at him trying to control his anger. Maria laid a hand on his shoulder and he immediately calmed down.

"Well why don't you take the power away," Max asked. "Because ya'll need to follow ya'lls density and it's my job to make sure you do. That includes whatever's necessary," Nesado said.

Max walked over to Maria and touched her burned face about to heal her. "You can't heal her," Nesado stated, "I made sure you couldn't."

Liz rolled her eyes. "Come on Maria lets take care of this the human way," Liz said pulling Maria out the door with her.

"Exactly how does this power work," Max asked. "Well," Nesado started, "basically if Michael touches Maria with his hands it will burn her. The burns will get worse the longer he touches her. Also after his touched her once it basically activates the second part. For now on if he even thinks about touching her again then his hands will shimmer silver." "If his hands shimmer silver it well give up our hiding," Max said confused why he would do something like that. Nesado turned and looked at Michael. "Then her better get over her soon," Nesado said to Max.

Max, Michael, Tess, Isabell, and Alex walked into the Crashdown. They sat down in the booth that Maria and Liz where at. Liz put some medicine on Maria's face and bandaged her up.

"How is she," Alex asked from across the table. "She'll be good as normal by tomorrow," Liz said, "It wasn't that bad of a burn."

"I'll see ya'll later," Michael said getting up and starting the walk home. As soon as he was out the door Maria took off after him.

"Michael!" Maria said running across the street to where he was. She stopped about two feet away from him. She slowly took a step towards him and Michael took one backwards. He saw a look of hurt flash across her face. "Maria, please don't," Michael said slowly walking off, with his hand shoved in his pockets.

The next morning Maria woke up and ran straight for the bathroom. She threw up then walked back into her bedroom. She slided back under the warm covers. She decided against going to school and tried to fall back to sleep.

Michael walked into school and didn't see Maria at her locker. He didn't know why he was looking for her when he knew he couldn't be with her.

Michael sat down in her first period. He smirked when he saw his teacher do a double take making sure he had actually seen him. "Well, Michael to what do I own this pleasure," Mr. T, his Algebra two teacher, asked. "I had nothing else to do so I decided to set through another one of your boring lectures," Michael smirked. Mr. T just ignored him and went on with his lecture.

At lunchtime, Michael sat down in the courtyard by the tree. Soon Max, Liz, Isabell, Tess, and Alex joined him. "Hey has anybody seen Maria today," Liz asked. When she determined that nobody had. She asked Isabell for her phone.

Liz dialed the familiar number. "Maria?" Liz asked, "Is everything ok?" "Yeah, I'm just got sick this morning and decided to stay home," Maria replied. "Oh ok. Well I hope you feel better," Liz said. "Thanks I'll see ya at the Crashdown today," Maria said. "Maria, you shouldn't be working if you sick," Liz said with worry. "I feel fine now so I'll see ya later. Bye-bye." Liz clicked off the phone when she heard Maria say bye.

"What's wrong with her," Isabell asked taking her phone back. "She was sick this morning and just decided to stay home," Liz answered.

Michael skipped his last three periods and went to check on Maria. He tapped lightly on the window and waited patiently for her to open it.

As she slide open the window, Michael took in her appearance. Her face was slightly paler then usual and she looked tired. It looked like she hadn't slept well in a couple of nights.

He crawled through the window when she stepped back to let him through. "You ok?" Michael asked with concern in his voice. "Yeah, Just a little tired," Maria replied. "Not sleeping well," Michael asked. "Yeah," Maria whispered. "Well it wont hurt to try some more," Michael stated. Maria shrugged and laid down on one side of the bed.

Michael didn't see any harm in it so he laid down beside her. He pulled his hands out of the pockets and put them behind his head.

Maria gave him a confused look. "Michael, why are your hands shimmering silver," Maria asked reaching out to touch his hand. "Don't," Michael said pulling his hands away. Look of hurt crossed Maria's face. "Sorry but you know you cant touch my hands." Maria nodded, her head yes. "They shimmer when I want to touch you," Michael said extremely fast and softly but Maria still caught it. "Oh," Maria replied, "So its another power Nesado gave you." "Yeah, which could give us away very easily but he thinks it will help me get over you, but I don't think that's possible," Michael answered.
Maria smile as that, "I love you, Michael," She whispered laying her head on his chest. Just before she drifted off to sleep, she felt Michael her kiss head and whisper I love you too, Maria.

Maria woke up to the door opening; she saw Liz, Max, Isabell, Tess, and Alex come through. Maria setup careful not to wake up Michael. "Hey, how you doing?" Liz whispered. "Fine, just tired," Maria replied moving to get up. Liz put out her hand to stop her, "Maria take the day off and rest. You need it," Liz said in her motherly voice. Maria sighed and nodded in agreement.

Michael stirred and woke up. "Hey what are ya'll doing here," Michael asked rubbing his hands over his face. "We came to check on Maria but didn't think you'd be here," Tess said with a slight attitude. "Well I was just doing the same thing," Michael said, "She was tired so we took a nap."

Maria tuned out the rest of the conversation. She laid her head down on Michael's chest again and pulled the covers up to her head. Shortly, she was fast asleep. "Shh," Liz hissed as Tess said something smart to Michael. Tess glared at her annoyed. Liz pointed to Maria who was fast asleep. "We should probably go," Max said then turning his attention back to Michael, "This isn't over." "No kidding," Michael whispered as they walked out of the room closing the door behind them.


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