Title: Concrete Angle

Author: Amy Hugh

Disclaimer: I don't own them, songs by Martina McBride. The song has been changed a little to fit the story.

Summary: Amy starts dating a guy that's abusive to Maria.


Maria went straight over to the Crashdown to start working. She walked through the door and saw Max, Tess, and Isabell in the their usual booth. Maria could feel Michael's eyes traveling over her body from in the kitchen. Maria went in the back and change into her "alien suit." Maria was just glad that the uniform covered all her bruises. "Thank god," she whispered.

When Maria came back she went over to Liz who was waiting for Michael to finish her order. Liz gave her the puppy-dog face. "What do you want?" Maria smiled at Liz. "Can you please take Max, Tess, and Isabell's order?" Liz asked giving her the puppy-dog face. "Sure," Maria said. She never had been able to say no to Liz when she used the puppy-dog face. Liz gave her a huge, "You know I love you right?" "Of course who could not love me?" Maria said jokingly. Liz smiled and took the order Michael had set on the counter.

Maria sighed and walked over to Max, Tess, and Isabell's table. "What can I get you?" Maria said. "Cherry coke," Tess replied. "Same," came from Isabell. "Cherry coke and Will Smith," Max replied. Maria wrote it down and walked off without saying anything else. Tess rolled her eyes as she departed and listened back into what Isabell was talking about.

Maria and Michael had promised that they would close up for Liz. Maria wiped the tables off as Michael was walking behind her putting the chairs up on the table. When they got through with that Michael cleaned the grill while Maria mopped the floor.

Maria finished first and climbed up on the counter easily as she could. She got comfortable and started to wipe down the counter when Michael came through the door behind her. Michael saw a big purple bruise just below where her uniform started. "What happened?" Michael asked as he rubbed his thumb over the bruise. Maria hissed it pain. "Oh you know me," Maria said, "I ran into my dresser this morning." Michael looked at her closely and knew that she was lying. Michael nodded his head, "oh." "Well I better get home," Maria said uncomfortably. "Yeah," Michael said. Maria's breath left her as he leaned closer, his eyes burning into hers. Maria could only hold her breath as Michael's mouth moved close to her. Michael kissed her nose then ran his tongue across her lips.

Maria moaned and her mouth opened wider. Michael captured hers with his hot one and slid his tongue into the deepest recesses of her mouth. Maria felt like she on fire. Michael gently eased back and looked into her eyes. "I got to go home," Maria said giving him one last kiss. Maria slowing sliding off the counter. She winced as she slided off. "Maria?" Michael asked. Maria turned and looked at him, "Yeah?" "What's wrong?" "Nothing I'm fine," Maria lied and walked out of the door holding it open for Michael. Michael sighed and followed her out, locking the door behind them.

When Maria got home she was relieved that Steve wasn't there, yet. She walked up stairs and into the bathroom. She waited as the tub filled up with hot water. She slowly slided into the hot water just enjoying the feel of it. She sat there thinking about Michael. She was so happy that they where together again. She just knew they had to be careful because she didn't want Nesado to kill Michael. She knew if he found out he wouldn't hesitate to kill.

It seemed like she just got in when the water when it started turning cold. She got out and grabbed her towel and dried off then put on her PJ'S and walked to her room. She shut and locked the door but the one mistake she made was not checking the room first. When she turned around she ran straight into Steve. He grinned widely, "Hey, Maria." Maria could smell the alcohol on his breath. She turned back to the door and tried to open it but Steve had other plans. Her grabbed her hard by the arm and turned her around. Her body slammed against the door. Tears formed in Maria's eyes but she refused to let him see her cry. Steve raised his hand and punch her across her face. Maria ducked and his fist hit the door. "FUCK!" he screamed. Maria tried to run over the open window but Steve caught her and this time his didn't miss. He punched her across the face, Maria's hand went up to her face. She pulled her hand back to see it covered in blood. He punched her again.

It seemed like forever till he left. When he slammed the door shut she let her tears fall freely. She didn't even brother to wipe them away. She locked the door and pulling out and ice pack that she had hidden in her room.

*The present*

Maria sighed, this last two-weeks had seemed like living in both heaven and hell. She had been beat by Steve (that was the hell) and being with Michael (that was the heaven). She put the ice pack down and rolled over and almost screamed in pain. Her body ached all over, from the last two week of living with Steve. She cried herself to sleep.

"Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel"
Maria hit her alarm clock off and walked into the bathroom and took a shower and it stung more then ever before. She quickly showered and dried her hair. She slipped into her uniform for work and looked at the clock and saw that she was running a little behind but she just have to be late for work. She opened up her make up and pulled out her foundation. The bruises on her face where pretty light but hurt like hell when she softly applied make up to her face. She finished 10 minutes later and you couldn't even tell that her face was bruised. She brushed her teeth and walked out of the house and got into her car. She slowly drove to the Crashdown.

She opened the front door and walked over to Liz. "I know I'm late, sorry," Maria apologized. "Its ok," Liz said take an order to a customer. Maria started waiting on her section and avoiding Michael's questions. Liz and her worked nonstop during the breakfast rush and they had about an hour till the lunch rush. They where surprise that they didn't have even one customer between rushes. "If its ok Maria I was wondering if I could go upstairs and study till the lunch rush starts?" Liz asked. "Sure go ahead. I mean its not like we have anything to do," Maria replied. "Thanks," Liz said heading up stairs.

Maria walked into the kitchen where Michael was. "Hey," Maria said. "Hey," Michael said turning around and facing her. Michael placed his palms on either side of her face and then took her mouth with his in a hard, hungry kiss. His mouth was so wet, so hot. His tongue had sought hers out and he stroked it with a carnal fervor. Maria wrapped her arms around his neck and began to caress the hair at the base of his neck with her nails. When they pulled apart they where both breathing heavy. "Hey, you guys lunch rush is about to bring," Liz said. Maria face went white as she turned around to Liz. Liz looked at both Michael and Maria and they looked scared. "Sorry," Liz said not exactly sure what she was apologizing for though.

Michael took a step closer to Liz but Maria put her hand on his chest and he stopped. "Let me handle this ok?" Maria asked. Michael nodded as Maria walked off with Liz.

Maria set Liz down on the couch in the break room. "Look Liz you can't tell anybody about what you just saw ok?" Maria said. "But why?" Liz asked. "Look Nesado said they had to stay away from us or he'd kill Max, Michael, or Isabell if they went any where near us," Maria said. "Oh," Liz said softly. "I'm sorry Liz you weren't suppose to see that but please don't tell anybody. I don't want to lose him forever Liz," Maria said as tears pour down her face. Liz leaned over and hugged Maria. "I understand," Liz said, "I won't tell. You can trust me." "I know," Maria replied. "I promise I won't tell Maria," Liz said. "I'm just glad you're happy." "I am. I love Michael and not giving him up," Maria said. Liz smiled, "Come on its time to get back to work."

After work Maria changed back into her street cloths in the bathroom. She walked out of the door to see Michael. "So is Liz going to keep her mouth shut," Michael asked. "Yes," Maria snapped, "Gosh you can trust her, Michael." "I know I can. I was just making sure," Michael replied. Maria nodded and gave him hug. She pulled back enough to give him a passionate kiss. Maria slowly lost herself in the kiss.

Maria lying in bed crying after Liz told about their density.
Steve pulling his belt of his pants off and beating Maria with it.
Maria lying in bed crying herself to sleep. Her body aching form all the hitting.
Maria covering the bruises with make-up to hid them from people.
*End Flashback*

Michael pulled back gasping for air. He slowing raised the bottom of Maria's T-shirt. Maria tried to stop him but she wasn't fast enough. She could see the fire boiling in Michael's eyes. Maria closed her eyes hoping this would all go away but when she opened again. Michael gently pulled her in the bathroom. Michael reach for the hem of her shirt again but Maria refused to let him left it up. "Maria please, I need to see," Michael practically begged. Maria sighed but took her shirt off. Michael gasped, Maria shut her eyes know exactly want he was seeing. There where hand prints and belts marks from her stomach up to her chest. Michael lightly touched her stomach then slipped his hand underneath her pants and pulled them down to see bruises down to her thighs. "Oh god," Michael said. He had never seen anything this bad sure Hank hit him but not that bad. Michael stood up and Maria looked into his eyes. As tear ran down his face and Maria wiped it away with her thumb.

Michael pulled her into a hug being careful not to hurt her. Maria wished she could just stay in his arms forever but she knew she couldn't. "Stay with me," Michael said rather then asked. "I don't know, I mean I don't want to leave my mom with him. At less he can take it out on me instead of her," Maria answered. Michael shook his head. "You are coming home with me," Michael demanded. Maria sighed but adventually agreed.

Maria gently put her cloths back on. She drove to Michael's in silence. They walked up to his apartment and went inside. "What do you want for dinner?" Michael asked softly. "Whatever you have," Maria said as she laid down on the couch. Michael took off into the kitchen to make dinner.

"Ok dinners done," Michael said to Maria. Maria didn't come or answer. "Maria?" Michael asked walking into the living room. He saw Maria curled up on the couch a sleep. He walked into his bedroom and came back with a blanket. He put the blanket around her and kissed her on the forehead.

When Michael was about to go to bed. He got ready and picked Maria up and put her in his bed. He then took a pillow and went to sleep on the couch.

Maria woke up and saw that it was only around 11 o'clock and wondered how she got into Michael's bed. She walked out into the living room as quietly as possible. She waited and listened to Michael's equal breaths. She smiled at how cute Michael looked when he slept. It was like all the danger and anger was gone. She blew him a kiss and walked out the apartment. She decided to just walk home and leave her car at Michael's.

When she got there she could see Steve through the window. She walked up to the window and saw that her mom and Steve where fighting. Steve raised his hand and hit Amy across the face. Amy's hand went to her face nursing it. Maria ran up to the front door and noticed that she had left her keys at Michael's. So she got the key from under the door mat.

When she walked inside she saw her mom on the floor. "Mom!" Maria screamed running to her but Amy didn't move. Maria check her pulse, she was alive, just knock out. "Well if it isn't Maria," Steve said. "What did you just decide to runaway or where you with what's his name. Mickey! What you go fuck, then decide to come home?" Steve asked. Maria just glared at him. Steve laughed and picked Maria up by her hair. Maria screamed as loud as she could but nobody came. He placed his hand over her mouth. His was right behind her and pulled out a knife.

"Somebody cries in the middle of the night
The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights
A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
When morning comes it'll be too late"

Michael woke up and walked into his bedroom and saw that Maria was missing. "Shit!" Michael cursed. He ran out the door and saw that Maria's car was still here. He went back into his apartment and spotted Maria's purse and opened. He grabbed the keys and left.

He found that the front door was open. He walked in and spotted Steve and Maria right away. Maria's cloths where socked through with blood. Steve had a knife in his hand slowly running it down Maria's body. He was cutting just deep enough to draw blood. Michael did the first thing that came to his mind. He raised his hand and Steve hit the wall with a thud. He then slided down the wall. Maria fell to the ground and let the tears finally fall.

"Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel"

Michael checked to see if Steve was still had a pulse. Michael sighed, glad that at least he had a pulse. Even though he deserved to die, Michael didn't think he could handle it if he had killed another person. He took Maria into his arms. "Do you trust me, Maria?" Michael asked. "Always," Maria replied. Michael smiled, "I've gotten better with my powers and I'm going to try and heal you ok?" "Ok," Maria said. Michael reluctally pulled out of her arms. "Lay down," Michael said. Maria laid down easily. Michael looked nervous so Maria squeezed his hand, "I trusted you."


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