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US Season 4 Episode Summaries

Below is a list of episodes that I have reviewed for this season. I have used the numbering system from Dean Bedford's site for easy reference. And just in case you don't have his episode numbers memorized, I've also given a listing of the players and games for the episode. To read the full review, just click on the episode number.

Cast: Wayne Brady, Jeff Davis, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Drew Carey
Remote Control: chickens; Wayne = South Park; Jeff = TV Evangelist; Colin = Game Show Network; Ryan = The Jerry Springer Show
Let's Make a Date: Jeff = contestant; Wayne = novelty singing bass fish; Colin = temperamental actor having to do take after take of his big kissing scene with Wayne and Ryan; Ryan = assortment of prisoners in a crowded jail cell "welcoming" new arrival Colin
Sound Effects: Ryan = husband; Colin = Ryan's heavily pregnant wife who suddenly goes into labor at an amusement park and has to get to the hospital
Doo-Wop: Wayne, Jeff, and Colin sing about Peggy who died in a taxidermy accident
Props: Wayne and Colin = 2 fuzzy red pillows ringed with a feather boa with 6 feather boa streamers coming off the side; Ryan and Drew = 2 foam cylinders consisting of 4 progressively smaller stepped sections
Credits: all four = telling what they are going to do with their $100 bills

Cast: Wayne Brady, Kathy Greenwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Drew Carey
Living Scenery: Ryan and Colin = businessmen arriving at a gym and health spa; Wayne and Kathy = human props
Song Styles: Wayne sings to Samantha, an aerobics instructor, in the style of Riverdance; Kathy, Colin, and Ryan provide backup
Two Line Vocabulary: Ryan and Wayne = engineers at a nuclear plant; Colin = senior engineer called in to help when a leak is reported
Infomercial: products to eliminate bad breath; Ryan and Colin sell
Scenes from a Hat: [scenes = things your mom says or does that make you think she used to be a stripper; conversation topics that will derail a dinner party; things bald men are sick of hearing; if Rainman had different jobs; hillbilly dating service videos]
Hoe-down: first kiss; Wayne, Drew, Colin, and Ryan
Credits: all four = taking an aerobics class with Samantha

Cast: Wayne Brady, Kathy Greenwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Drew Carey
Hollywood Director: Ryan = gas station owner pumping gas; Kathy = impatient customer; Wayne = thief come to rob them; Colin = director [styles: insult comics; Tarzan; Tarzan as Jerry Springer guests]
Living Scenery: Ryan and Colin = getting up and going through their morning routine; Wayne and Kathy = human props
Three-Headed Broadway Star: Wayne, Ryan, and Colin sing "You've Got a Beautiful Earlobe"
Helping Hands: Ryan and Kathy = young Italian lovers; Ryan has invited Kathy over for a romantic meal so he can propose to her; Colin = hands
Props: Wayne and Colin = tan foam letter V with curled ends; Drew and Ryan = large red cap that looks like half a bird's head and beak
Credits: Kathy reads while everybody takes a shower

Cast: Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Drew Carey
Weird Newscasters: Brad = anchor; Colin = Just found out his boyfriend Brad is having an affair with someone else on the show and he wants to know it its; Wayne = farm boy defending his title in the finals of the national greased pig roundup; Ryan = first-time mother going from conception to birth
Two Line Vocabulary: Colin = submarine commander; Brad and Ryan = seamen; Submarine commander suspects one of his seaman of being a spy
Quick Change: Brad = outlaw; Colin = Miss Kitty; Ryan = sheriff; Outlaw is giving Miss Kitty a hard time in the saloon when the sheriff comes in to sort things out
Scenes From A Hat: all four [scenes = Latin American soccer announcers on their day off, weird things for people to find beautiful, weird things for your grandmother to give you for Christmas, what politicians' wives are really thinking as they smile and wave from the podium]
Irish Drinking Song: graduation; all four
Credits: Brad and Wayne = contestants in the greased pig catching contest; Ryan and Colin = the pigs

Cast: Greg Proops, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Drew Carey
Superheroes: crisis = too many blue shoes; Greg = Quick Rick; Ryan = Faking Injury for Sympathy Man; Colin = Captain Coward; Wayne = Show-stopping Number Boy
Multiple Personalities: a car breaks down in the forest in the middle of the night; gas can = Richard Simmons; map = John Wayne; flashlight = Scooby Doo; Ryan, Wayne, and Greg
Scenes From A Hat: all four [scenes = times when it would be nice to have the ability to be beamed up, what really made the kids in "Blair Witch" run off screaming, what members of the Whose Line cast say to their therapist, outtakes from the Hillbillies National Theater Shakespeare Festival, how the naked Fridays policy turned out at your office]
Greatest Hits: songs of the doctor; Ryan and Colin sell; Wayne sings
Sportscasters: rival pizza makers trying to impress a female customer; Ryan and Colin = contestants; Drew and Greg = sportscasters
Credits: Greg, Wayne, and Ryan = Scooby Doo, Richard Simmons, and John Wayne

Summary Tables: the number of episodes appearances and the number of games played by each performer this season.

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