Episode 217 Review

September 15, 2000, Taping Report

By Michelle Reindle

The taping started the same as the one I saw before. Dan Patterson comes out and gives his speech about what's going to happen, what they want us to do. Drew came out and asked if anyone had any questions. One person asked about Vegas and he said it would be at MGM. Two shows the Saturday before the Super Bowl. Someone asked if he was married (someone always asks him that!). Julie asked him if there were going to be any compilation or blooper tapes, and he said that the pretaping the next day was for a Whose Line special that would include scenes cut out of pervious episodes. He said that they were even going to air some things that didn't make it by the censor the first time. For that taping we were seated about 4 rows up on Ryan's side of the studio.

The performers were:
Greg Proops: wearing a gray suit, purple shirt and lavender tie He looked really good, but would we expect anything less?
Wayne Brady: wearing a red shirt and gray pants
Colin Mochrie: wearing brown pants and a blue and yellow print shirt
Ryan Stiles: wearing tan pants, camel shirt and tie. I thought Ryan looked fabulous too. I thought the color of the shirt looked good on him.

These games are not in the order that we saw them. Just the order I remember them.

Irish Drinking Game: topic was hairy back with Greg, Wayne, Colin and Ryan.
For this one Drew first accepted the suggestion of hairy butt but the censor wouldn't let them do it

Greg imaginary friend boy
Ryan Break up and Make up Boy
Colin ?
Wayne ?

Appraisal: New game
Greg appraiser
Wayne paper cup
Colin giant foam #1 hand
Ryan plunger
This game is perfectly suited to Greg. In it each performer brings his object to Greg to appraise claiming it's a rare family heirloom, and Greg was so great, bringing up all kinds of obscure facts about the object. How much it would be worth if it were actually the object they claimed it was, how much it would be worth in mint condition, how much the piece as is would be worth. I think Colin would do well as the appraiser as well, and I'd like to see this one again.

Hoe-down : topic astronaut
Wayne did his right away
Drew took a while to get going and had two false starts, so we had to sit there clapping for a while until he finished. I felt bad for him standing there with nothing coming to him. I can see why they hate the Hoe-down so much.

Hoe-down : topic rock star

Song Styles:
Wayne backed up by Ryan, Colin and Greg
Wayne sang to the candy girl as Louis Armstrong

Three-Headed Broadway Star:
Wayne, Drew and Ryan singing about Jell-O

Party Quirks:
Greg host
Wayne determined old woman after men with tight butts
Colin ?
Ryan a third animal trying to talk its way onto the ark
This was so funny. Wayne walked in and lifted up Greg's jacket checking out his butt then starts trying to cop a feel. He then looks over at Drew and decides not to go there. LOL Ryan's quirk was good, but I think if he'd had more time with it, it would have been better, but Greg guessed him pretty quick.

Let's Make a Date:
Wayne contestant
Greg critic
Colin ugliest family in the world on a crime spree
Ryan Evil scientist hypnotizing people to create a zombie army
This was another perfect choice for Greg. His brand of humor is perfect for playing a critic. I thought both Ryan and Colin's suggestions were hard, and Chip had a hard time guessing them.

Weird Newscasters:
Greg anchor
Colin co anchor as a talking parrot
Wayne sports as a drunk old man who used to do the sports
Ryan Siegfried and Roy
All of them were great in this game. Colin started pecking at Greg's hair, and Greg says, "stop grooming me." After Colin collected some of Greg's hair he built a nest with it on his stool and laid an egg. Ryan pretended he was being attacked by one of the tigers then he tried to stick his heard in Colin's mouth.

Sound Effects:
Ryan Tarzan
Colin Jane
The two women Drew picked for this one did a fabulous job. This is how the game was meant to be when they decided to let audience members provide the sound effects. Too bad it doesn't work that way more often.

Award Show: this is a new game
Wayne and Greg: hosts
Colin and Ryan: winners of the criminal award
For this one Wayne and Greg hosting an awards show announce the nominees. They show people in the audience on the monitor and say something about them. Ryan and Colin are sitting in the audience, and they win the award. This was very awkward. I think it needs some work and even with then I don't think it's a game I'd care to see again.

Director: New game
Colin director
Ryan nervous robber holding up Wayne
Wayne being held up by Ryan
Greg cop that comes in on them
This one was a good new game. Colin gets suggestions written down on how to change the scene. Ryan, Wayne, and Greg act the scene as normal and then Colin comes in and tells them how to redo it. I think the funniest was when Colin told them to do it really fast, then really slow.

Greatest Hits: songs of the nurse
Wayne singing
Colin and Ryan selling the CD

World's Worst: Drew, Greg (I think), Colin, and Ryan

Scenes From A Hat:

Wayne and Greg
Colin and Ryan

Wayne and Greg two white hoop skirts
Drew and Ryan big foam scissors

Green Screen:
Colin in front of explosions and stunt men.

That's all I can remember and I know there are some holes. I'm hoping Julie and Dawn can help me fill them in. Like usual there was a lot of chitchat between the players. The only thing I really remember is during one of the Hoe-downs Ryan was rubbing his eyes like he does sometimes. When he went back to his seat, I heard him say something about saying good night to his kids, and Dawn told me Colin had asked him why he rubbed his eyes, and Ryan said it was his way of saying good night to his kids. How cute is that?

© Michelle Reindle. Used with permission.

Episode 217 Review

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