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UK Season 10 Episode Summaries

Below is a list of episodes that I have reviewed for this season. I have used the numbering system from Dean Bedford's site for easy reference. And just in case you don't have his episode numbers memorized, I've also given a listing of the players and games for the episode. To read the full review, just click on the episode number.

Cast: Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Clive Anderson
Superheroes: amnesia; Greg = Sticky Man; Ryan = 70s Disco Kid; Colin = Karma Sutra Boy; Brad = Captain Bullshitter
Sound Effects: Tarzan waking up in the morning and encountering danger in the jungle
Quiz Show: wheel of fish; Greg = host; Brad, Colin and Ryan = contestants
Hey You Down There: hunting in the wild; Greg = narrator; Ryan and Colin = act
World's Worst: lover; all four
Props: Greg and Colin = 2 red foam cylinders with hand grips and hand guards at 1 end; Ryan and Brad = 2 foam poles (1 long and 1 hollow with holes in it)
Three of a Kind: on an oil rig: Greg, Ryan, and Colin = John Wayne
Scene to Rap: in a zoo; all four
Weird Newscasters: Brad = anchor; Colin (co-anchor) = fishing and landing dangerous sea creatures; Greg (sports) = character from Braveheart; Ryan (weather) = auditioning for a porno film
Credits: Brad = doing a newscast from a really dangerous location

Summary Tables: the number of episodes appearances and the number of games played by each performer this season.

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