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> Here are Day by Day previews, courtesy Cable Guide for week of April 21st:
4/21: Nick's world is turned upside down when he sees the Cassie impostor.
4/22: Hilary and Leslie face off.
4/23: Everything changes for Nick and Sharon.
4/24: Chelsea sees Billy in a new light.
4/25: Cane encourages Devon to go after Hilary.

> Here are NEW spoilers for the week of April 28th, courtesy Meghan @ Toni's:
-Victor warns Summer against trusting Sharon.
- Will Sharon's secret come out before it is too late?
- Tyler an Abby's romantic night takes an unexpected turn.
- Passion ignites between Neil and Hilary.
- Paul and Christine come to an important decision about their future.

> Here are NEW spoilers for the week of April 21st, courtesy Meghan @ Toni's:
- Tensions rise between Victoria, Stitch and Ashley.
- Sharon opens up to Jack about her memories.
- Can Nick help Sharon as their world is changed forever?
- Victor has the rug pulled out from under him.
- Chelsea sees Billy in a new light.
- Jill's road to happiness hits a major speed bump.

Kurn's Weekly Y&R Poll: Who should take care of Lucy?
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