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> Here are NEW spoilers for the week of July 28th, courtesy Meghan @ Toni's:
- Victoria makes a decision between Stitch and Billy.
- Nikki has a warning for Austin.
- Victor gets an update on Phyllis.
- Mariah and Summer butt heads.
- Kevin needs help.
- Jill offers Billy unsolicited advice.
- Billy and Chelsea try to figure out how they feel about each other.

> Here are spoilers for the week of July 21st, courtesy Meghan @ Toni's:
7/21: Summer and Austin realize they have different ideas for the future; Traci and Abby put together a family dinner that goes awry. An unexpected visitor interrupts Billy and Chelsea's romantic evening.
7/22: Victor goes behind Jack's back to help Phyllis.
7/23: Nikki's trial begins; Kevin discovers more information about Stitch. Nikki's trial causes problems between Paul and Christine.
7/24: Nikki's trial becomes a nightmare; Billy wants answers from Chelsea; Summer goes to see Phyllis. Billy urges Stitch to do the right thing.
7/25: Ian's lawyer tries to use Nikki's past against her; Devon pushes Hilary to admit her feelings for him; Stitch has to come clean with Victoria.

Kurn's Weekly Y&R Poll: Who should take care of Lucy?
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