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* The following are Day by Day previews for the upcoming week of November 29th:
Monday 29th November, 2004:
Bobby reveals his horrible childhood experiences to Nikki.
Kay reads Arthur's goodbye note and is devastated.
Malcolm praises Dru for the woman Lily has grown to be.
Kay catches Arthur checking out of Gina's.

Tuesday 30th November, 2004:
Neil wants to invite Malcolm to dinner.
Dru is reminded about her relationship with Malcolm, but prefers it not be mentioned again.
Neil confesses his love for Malcolm to Lily.
Dru becomes uncomfortable when Neil informs her that he has invited Malcolm to dinner.

Wednesday 1st December, 2004:
Kay asks Jack to be the new C.E.O. of Chancellor Industries.
J.T. and Mac agree to let Bobby and Brittany move into the loft.
Daniel calls Kevin a traitor for telling Lily and Mac the truth about the rec center.

Thursday 2nd December, 2004:
Jill confronts Jack on the Chancellor Industries C.E.O. position.
Detective Weber informs Christine and Phyllis that it will be Phyllis' word against Dominic's in court.
Malcolm overhears Damon and Daniel talking about Phyllis going to jail.
Brittany does not want to stay at the ranch, but Bobby insists.

Friday 3rd December, 2004:
Christine is outraged that Phyllis keeps talking back to Weber.
Nick assumes Victor has returned to renege on his deal putting him in charge.
Dru tells Malcolm to leave town.
Christine, outraged by Phyllis' behavior, quits and tells her to find a new lawyer.

* Here are spoilers for the upcoming week (week of November 29th):
- Kayís anger toward Jill spills over as she makes a vengeful decision that could destroy their already shaky relationship.
- Nikki makes Bobby a surprising offer that could shake up both of their marriages.
- Jack contemplates a bold career move.
- Druís concerns about Malcolm and Lilyís growing relationship leads her to make a rash and selfish decision.
- Phyllis embarks on a dangerous mission to prove her innocence -- but is she her own worst enemy?
- Kevin and Mac grow closer despite Kevinís attempts to reunite Mac and Daniel.

* Check back soon for more spoilers and please bookmark my site. Thanks for coming!

All Photos Courtesy either by SoapCity, CBS Daytime or Soaps in Depth.

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