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Submission Instructions

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How Do I Submit ...
A The 10th Kingdom story for archiving at the KingdomsPress website?
An article to the Journal of Mystical Research?
My The 10th Kingdom art for display at the KingdomsPress website?

~ Please submit only your own material ~

How do I submit a "The 10th Kingdom" story for archiving at the KingdomsPress website?

Answer: We have only two requirements for submitting The 10th Kingdom stories to this website. Your story:

1. Must be completely finished, and
2. Must be rated PG-13 or less

We do not judge quality or reject material for any reason other than non-compliance with these two rules (we do accept poetry which is not strictly 10th Kingdom, but it must have a strong general fantasy theme and conform to these two rules). To submit, send your manuscript to us (in either .doc, .rtf, or .wpd format; if you can't save your manuscript as any of these then please save it as a .txt file). Write to the Editor for the address to send your submission. Once the submission has been sent, we'll send you a confirmation letter to let you know we received it. Please allow a week for us to reply before you re-send.
Note: Submissions are published online in roughly the order received. However if your story requires extensive editing due to spelling and/or punctuation mistakes, it may take longer to publish than stories which do not require such editing. KingdomsPress will not publish stories which have not been spelling/punctuation corrected. We aren't infallible, though, so if you notice any such mistakes in a published story at our website, please let us know.

How do I submit an article to the Journal of Mystical Research?

We do not have a schedule for this publication and only publish it when sufficient material is available. Generally, we are looking for articles on magic, mysticism, pseudo-sciences, such as alchemy, or a study particular to the Nine Kingdoms, such as magic mirrors. These can be real, genuinely informative articles, or they can be articles where you pretend to be a Nine Kingdoms authority on the particular subject and make up whatever you wish. (write to the Editor for the submission address)

How do I submit my "The 10th Kingdom" art for display at the KingdomsPress website?

We accept any The 10th Kingdom art for the website, without judgement of quality, so long as it does not exceed a rating of PG-13. We do not, however, prohibit right-click, so only submit your work if you are comfortable with this policy (you are welcome to watermark your submissions). Also note that until further notice, all artwork will be re-sized to a maximum dimension of 250 pixels, due to space limitations. Please send your work as either a .gif or .jpg attachment. Then write to the Editor for the submission address. If you are submitting more than one work, and the files are quite large, please send each in a separate email. Do not send any other kinds of images except .gif or .jpg (other file types will be rejected).
If you are interested in illustrating a particular story already on KingdomsPress, and we have not advertised that we are accepting illustrations for that story, please first contact the author for permission to illustrate it. (We are accepting illustrations for The House of Red and My Brother's Keeper on a continuing basis).

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