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KingdomsPress, the leader in publications in the Nine Kingdoms, proudly presents Tenth Kingdom fiction inspired by the conjunction of our two worlds, which took place in February and March of 2000 (Tenth Kingdom time).

To the person who sent me their story idea: You did not include your email address so there is no way I can respond to you that way. However, I will respond here: I would be glad to put your story up at KingdomsPress as soon as you finish it. But you must complete it first. KingdomsPress is for finished fanfics only. I do not put up anything in progress (too many people never finish their stories). If you want to post your story in progress, please use the fanfic forum at this message board. It's the board most 10th Kingdom fans use. Then send the story to me when it is completed. And next time you write me, please include your reply address. Thanks! (end of message)

If you have trouble with the time the graphical pages take to load, please use the site map (also linked above). It is now taking the place of the former "text-only" pages.

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